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New mod idea for games/tournaments: 12/6/2019 14:21:14

Marcus Aurelius 
Level 62
Would it possible to create a tournament where distribution is 3 picks, but you can only make 3 picks. It would push people to be more creative. If one of your picks is taken you are given a random territory.

Doesn't have to be just 3 picks, the idea is that you are only allowed to make the number of picks that are distributed, so that making obvious FTB picks comes at a high risk.
New mod idea for games/tournaments: 12/7/2019 07:29:30

Level 60
Sure, half the mod is already written if you base this off the swapped picks mod.

Not really sure this would be fun to play (at least for 1v1 strat. For bigger games, this is just pseudo-auto distribution?), but very much possible.
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