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Vastarien: 6/21/2012 18:31:03

Level 47
I don't mean to use WL as a place to post my stuff but I will do it this 1 time. I have been working on this project for a bit of time now.

It's a turn-based browser game. Walk around--kill stuff. Meet people.

So basically, you go in, enter name, you can skip the 'secret name' if you want. Blank passwords are okay. Pick an icon, then a class. That will take you into the world. Here you can move around using the arrows keys or mouse click INSIDE the map box in the middle top.

To attack, pick-up, make friends, enter buildings or caves, drink from a fountain: You simply attempt to walk onto the thing you are trying to use somehow.

This is a turn based game. Each turn is just over a second long. So please forgive the some-times slow reaction.

Definitely works on Chrome and Firefox. Working on IE next.

Here is the site:

This is a post about my site:

Here is a lame screen shot but good rules:

At the bottom of this page are some good spoilers:
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