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Clan: Stahlgewittern

Number of members: 17
Link: http://vastarien.com/wl.php
Tagline: We do as much as we can for as long as we can
Created: 5/7/2014

Bio: A thousand, a thousand, a thousand!
A thousand, a thousand, a thousand!
We with one warrior have slain.
A thousand, a thousand, a thousand, a thousand!
Sing a thousand over again.
Soho! let us sing
Long life to our king
Who knocked over a thousand so fine.
Soho! let us roar
He has given us more
Red gallons of gore
Than all Syria can furnish of wine!
-A. E. Poe

Clan Member Title
cancer Dont mess w/ cancer
kevin#1 Republic of Georgia
Wise King Priam Of Troy The Southern Slav
ʧillynamenace The First Rome
amerlafrance Rain Streets
kram Acadia
Vujak Garrinchaland
Minh Le New Amsterdam
Doge Venice
Luke The Gravedigger The Old Country
The Duke of Ben Wormwood
Simplicio IronTower of Saladin
Sea Green NwHampshireGrenadier
Warbeard Coloni Orbis
Ebola Africa
Uki Laarus Pistacia Vera