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Clan: Stahlgewittern

Number of members: 11
Link: http://vastarien.com/wl.php
Tagline: We do as much as we can for as long as we can
Created: 5/7/2014

Bio: A thousand, a thousand, a thousand!
A thousand, a thousand, a thousand!
We with one warrior have slain.
A thousand, a thousand, a thousand, a thousand!
Sing a thousand over again.
Soho! let us sing
Long life to our king
Who knocked over a thousand so fine.
Soho! let us roar
He has given us more
Red gallons of gore
Than all Syria can furnish of wine!
-A. E. Poe

Clan Member Title
Cleatus A-Football Robot
Vujak Garrinchaland
Minh Le A-New Amsterdam
Doge Venice
Simplicio IronTower of Saladin
Ninjacks A-Ninja
Luke The Gravedigger The Old Country
The Duke of Ben Wormwood
Warbeard Coloni Orbis
Ebola Africa