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Wall of unjust chat timeouts: 10/14/2019 22:46:48

Level 57
I got unfairly timed out for making some raffle jokes. Come on, Warzone, why is it forbidden?
Wall of unjust chat timeouts: 10/15/2019 00:06:49

Level 60
what were the jokes?

do you think, if you were rafflebot, would you like the jokes?

the mod is only doing his job. you got timed out and you can't change that since it has already happened. so many people complain about this!
Wall of unjust chat timeouts: 10/15/2019 00:15:35

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 63
In my opinion moderators are just censors with no respect for free speech. All jokes should be allowed and people should learn to deal with all kinds of words. Words can only be as harmful as you allow them to be.
Wall of unjust chat timeouts: 10/15/2019 04:55:27

I Swear
Level 55
Free speech is a covenant between citizens and some governments. Even then there are caveats.

Fizzer isn't running this game for a government. He can limit it however he wants, with the appropriate consequences. People usually complain about stupid stuff they thought they should get away with, and never list the details when they rant publicly. Its usually not super innocuous if it makes a volunteer mod get up and do something about it.

edit: Oh, and people artificially filter speech all the time, especially on the internet. Whether this is downvoting and blocking stuff they don't agree with, or outright avoiding people of different political beliefs. So you get the same effect whether or not its "official".

Edited 10/15/2019 05:01:06
Posts 1 - 4 of 4