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What about the rest of the world?: 10/8/2019 02:48:06

Level 57
You know Middle Earth, and the sunken land of Beleriand, but what do you think the rest of that fictional world is like? You know, lands across the western sea, lands far south of Gondor and Mordor, lands in the far east, the arctic, etc. I know this is not mentioned and very pointless, I just figured what the heck, why not make a thread about this?

What I think is to the north is land much like real life Scandinavia, but with some mythical beasts. To the south, beyond Sauron's empire, many great empires and some big deserts, and perhaps strange beasts, along with oceans of course. To the west, a new world resembling Europe. To the east, an enormous Asia like continent, then eventually a sea at the other end of the world.
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