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Rant / Artists deserve to suffer: 10/1/2019 00:55:35

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Don't expect high literacy or coherency henceforth

(when I'm talking about artists I mostly referring to people who create music but this to some extent could apply to other a(u)rtistic endeavours.)

This crap story starts 3-4 years ago so some of the details may be blurry ; with a smallish musician on YouTube whom I was subbed to. (mostly did music related to a certain fandom popular at the time). Anyway he uploaded a catchy concept track for a new album he was to work on in the future. Shortly after, around 2k views later and a few weeks, he deleted it.

At the time I was annoyed but mistakenly just ignored it and moved on. Looking back I should have contacted him and begged for a copy of it. I can't even remember much about it other than some of it went something like:

Hell on earth will define you (repeat)

There's nothing after you die, a legacy is what you leave behind

It's blunt its cold and its dry.

And something to do with a cult interested in technology (although that may have just been the theme of the album that was yet to be formed).

Ever since then it's been intermittently stuck in my head. Really petty 1st world BS but pisses one off over time. Anyhow I looked him up and apparently from what I can ascertain he's now a transsexual with little to no traceable online footprint. His original account is deleted but most of the worthwhile stuff is archived except what I want.

For any consivable rational position an artist should be able to do what they want with the things they create. If they wish to change or delete them it's there choice. To delete or remove from relevance older work that no longer seems to represent there current work. But fuck rationality and fuck em buncha cunts giving their work to the world and thinking they can take it away. :-(((((. Generally to create works that inspire and produce joy and then to retract them is snibbity sad. Sounds awfully lot like advocating socialism for art here yikes.

(yes this whole text is VERY entitled)

Get out of my head you dirty audio invader!!!!!!!

Bah humbugs
Rant / Artists deserve to suffer: 10/1/2019 00:57:19

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Top 3 WZ writers / literature geniousers

1) Muddlezoom
2) A talking Fan
3) Rikku
Rant / Artists deserve to suffer: 10/1/2019 01:07:26

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I miss talking fan
He's still in my clan though
He will be forever in my heart
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