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Gay Superhero?: 9/29/2019 06:28:47

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Ever heard of Spectrum Lad?

He shoots out beams of light from his hands, and is appears as a rainbow
Thus why he is called "spectrum"
Also great gymnast skills
He wear a fabulous rainbow themed leotard
And 100% white silk gloves

His greatest nemesis is The Black Trench
He can change his gravitational pull and create tiny black holes
He often wears a black suit and sometimes wears a raincoat if it is rainy weather
He's a ruthless gang leader, known for killing his opponents by imploding their insides

Spectrum Lad always foils Black Trench's plan to take control of Contrast City
Typical day

*group of mobsters speaking in a private house, in privacy
*Spectrum Lad crashes speaking party
Spectrum Lad: Stop right there you crime lords
*Mobsters burst out in laughter at his rainbow costume
Mobster 1: Who the fuck is he?
Black Trench: He's...
Spectrum Lad: I'm his son, I am Black Trench's son
*All mobsters burst out in laughter, and decline to make any deal
*Spectrum Lad back flips his way out of view
*Black Trench sighs
Gay Superhero?: 9/29/2019 07:51:44

Level 59
Sounds fabulous
Gay Superhero?: 9/29/2019 11:34:24

Level 60
publish it!
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