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SVG help: 9/27/2019 07:15:51

Ekroth Ekronicus
Level 54
Been trying to make a map but whenever I load the svg in the map creator, for whatever reason it shrinks everything down and moves it towards the left side of the screen. Do you know what problem I’m having?
SVG help: 9/27/2019 07:58:02

Level 62
Do you have a map preview link?
Might be worth looking in the Document Properties and make sure scale is 1:1 and using pixels as measurement.
SVG help: 10/10/2019 20:24:44

Level 53
On the SVG in Inkscape did you put your map in the outlined area? If that is the case you should just move it outside it and check on the map creator if you should make it bigger or not.
SVG help: 10/10/2019 20:57:34

Level 61

Warzone Creator
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