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Deployment Graph: 9/6/2019 13:28:58

Level 61
Would it be possible to get another graph in the Statistics menu -- front-line deployments? It would tabulate each of our deployments that BOTH of us can see.

Of course you can count it, but I find the graphs a nice (if imprecise) way to check my progress in the game. On larger maps, it can take a while to count all those +1, +2, & +3s.
Deployment Graph: 9/6/2019 14:21:12

Level 60
If you just want to see the number of deploys the enemy made (that you can see in that turn), it already exists. Under statistics and graphs, you can scroll down in the metrics radio box section and pick "Armies actually deployed each turn".

This wouldn't show you how many deployments that the enemy saw you make though. Definitely would be an interesting idea to see and use.
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