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Changing values from cards in template creation: 8/15/2019 19:55:17

Not Tito
Level 58
I ran into an awkward behavior when creating a new template today. I was messing with an existing template which had predefined values of both blockade and emergency blockade cards.

I changed both to decimals of 1 and 3 digits, left the card screen, and then, later, came back to the card screens to mess with another card.

The card that I originally set to 1.125 (112,5%) was automatically rounded back to 1.10(...)01 (110,0[...]01%) and the other card which was originally set to 3.51(351%) was automatically rounded back to 3.5(350%). This happened continuously every time I left the card screen but the template was able to be created with my intended settings as long as I didn't open the card screen again, after setting my values.
Changing values from cards in template creation: 8/16/2019 06:14:46

Level 59
Seems like this is a bug report

Also this is weird. Doesn't look like it's just a floating-point representation bug, or at least it's not just IEEE 754 fucking with you.

Edited 8/16/2019 06:22:51
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