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Create republic of texas: 8/5/2019 22:39:08

got cubes?
Level 4
Idk what to say.

Edited 8/5/2019 22:39:46
Create republic of texas: 8/6/2019 00:04:58

Level 63
Help > FAQ > How do I make a map?
Create republic of texas: 8/6/2019 00:40:25

Level 50
there are 2 maps of texas, both are quite detailed.

You can see them and what level you need to reach in order to play on them here (click the more info button on the specific map):

If you are unsatisfied, As DanWL, said, either learn how to make a map (highly recommended as you know what you want best) or you can request it, but to best get someone to jump on the opportunity, be prepared to offer payment (currency is coins on this platform).
Create republic of texas: 8/6/2019 03:29:03

Level 59
Actual Republic of Texas internal borders would be kind of hard to make a good map out of, given the shapes of Texas counties + the fact that most of the claimed republic wasn't really under the administration of the Texas government (the disputed part that caused the Mexican-American War).

It'd just be a real challenge to come up with something that's both aesthetically pleasing and strategically worthwhile, unless you take some serious creative liberties with the borders. At which point, why not just use an existing Texas map?
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