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Warzone as a tabletop game?: 8/3/2019 07:36:54

Level 59
It's hard to enjoy Hasbro's RISK® after getting used to Warzone (which is patently better than Hasbro's RISK®). However, Warzone has all sorts of well-thought-out game mechanics that are hard to implement at the board game level.

Does anyone have RISK® "house rules" or some other mechanics to make a physical board game (like the inferior and frankly deficient Hasbro's RISK®) play out more like Warzone? I've tried just doing 0% SR combat mechanics by hand, but imo they don't work that well in the no-fog, sequential-turns situation imposed by playing the game in person.

Warzone almost converts vanilla Risk into something like an Eurogame, introducing layers of strategy and skill to a glorified beer-and-pretzels game. Wish it were possible to play it on an actual, physical board.
Warzone as a tabletop game?: 8/3/2019 08:06:17

Level 63
To make fog semi-work, all opponents must not be able to see each other’s territories. A “spectator” would have to do the moves and update relevant players of the new situation without letting the other player know.

For attack analysis (with 0% luck modifier) you could use https://danwlgames2.000webhostapp.com/WL_WZ/WL_calculate_attack/WL_calculate_attack.html. Had to rename the website as the provider decided to auto-delete my account and website associations due to being “inactive”.
Warzone as a tabletop game?: 8/4/2019 03:00:32

Empire of Kilos
Level 36
I have a RISK board game, my friends opted to throw the pieces at eachother and use the neat manual that looks like files to arrest and deport me.
Warzone as a tabletop game?: 8/4/2019 07:58:40

Level 62
Fizzer should launch the Warzone Board game. It would make a huge sucsess
Warzone as a tabletop game?: 8/4/2019 15:14:01

Level 56
I'm boycotting your website, Dan, so I can't use it.
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