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Viewing teammate picks: 7/31/2019 07:55:23

Level 63
While the general feature of seeing teammate orders and picks is awesome, for pick stage it is pretty annoying, that my stars are hiding the orders of my teammates (for example in EU 3v3)

I want to discuss my pick draft with them and compare my draft with theirs. There must be an option to show all 3 pick sets in a fashion, that you can see them at once. This would really help me to pick in 3v3 EU!

Is there any trick to show all picks at once and actually beeing able to read them, if all 3 pick the same bonuses.
Viewing teammate picks: 7/31/2019 09:24:31

Level 64

Edited 7/31/2019 09:27:04
Viewing teammate picks: 8/8/2019 14:42:59

Level 61
I get your problem, i often just look over each of my teammates orders (by directly choosing only to see their moves) and then look at my own. There is currently no trick or setting which supports a better solution. Maybe you should try your luck in uservoice? I there could be plenty of players wanting this simple, but good improvement for players.
Viewing teammate picks: 8/8/2019 15:04:24

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
uservoice = thanks for your effort but I dont care...

best way in my expirience is one makes first propoal. the next looks at it. make some changes. says 'made new proposal because this and that'. next one checks it improves it with comments again. until you have found a way that fits to all. (contineous improvement) but it must be clear who's picks are the actual version

unfortunately only solved by own organization.

but i doubt it will be a better view if you just single the picks. maybe a color system would be an additional improvement. solid stars = early picks. the later picks are the more transparent the stars are. (just as idea)
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