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Double elimination tournament: 7/23/2019 14:28:16

Level 61
Greetings, all!

With new and easy to see list of games (under My Games), it is possible to speed some of the games that otherwise would not be easy to follow. I know I am too slow to play at the moment, having much to do in RL, but I think I can say this to most players.

My idea is to speed Road to Redemption (RtR) part of the tournament in the way that each turn is shortened to 2/3 of original turn time (and possible not less than one day!), so long tournament would end in reasonable time.

Therefore, tournaments with 3 days boot time would have 2 days RtR part of the tournament. In the way it is used, now, when some players do long matches, they usually stop that branch of tournament for longer time, and winner usually wait for too long time and either give up or get out of game, etc. probably even go to vacation, and miss opportunity to play further.
Double elimination tournament: 7/23/2019 17:21:29

Timinator • apex 
Level 67
just no
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