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Congrats to Min, B, and Sloppy: 7/17/2019 20:02:36

Level 61
I am so happy that the three of you have finally teamed up to create the best ladder team ever. 1813 rating is very solid and definitely deserves 1st place in the the 3v3 ladder.

I hope Fizzer does not shut down 3v3 ladder now that it has been perfected, just like he did when I perfected the RTL. I just want to say I love you all and your names will go down in WL history.

Lets all congratulate this amazing team!!!!!
Congrats to Min, B, and Sloppy: 7/17/2019 20:06:23

Level 63
You can only compete with what’s in front of you.

Sadly with a sub 1500 3v3 rating I guess you can’t compete :(
Congrats to Min, B, and Sloppy: 7/17/2019 20:07:16

Level 62
Thank you Jeff.

I think I speak for everybody, Myself, B, Sloppy but also the entire WarZone community, when I say that I had never imagined such success when we first joined the ladder. Nor did I think we would manage to set an all-time high on the 3v3 ladder, completely figuring out the template. Discussing for hours and never committing 2 minutes before boot time without discussing. I never imagined our teamwork, understanding of the template and sheer dedication to this game would become a staple for all of WarZone to follow. And it brought us to the highest ever recorded rating on the 3v3 ladder to this day. I can only say I'm proud of the boys. We deserve this just like I deserved CLB MVP. I guess the combination of those two achievements also means Im like the best player currently alive.
Congrats to Min, B, and Sloppy: 7/17/2019 20:10:57

Level 60
Congrats to Min, B, and Sloppy: 8/2/2019 07:46:20

Level 64
There is a 3v3 ladder?
Congrats to Min, B, and Sloppy: 8/3/2019 02:47:07

{101st} Syphen
Level 60
None at all
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