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Clear Cache on Mobile: 6/30/2019 21:27:37

Level 58
TL;DR at bottom

Being a map developer I believe this would be a very important feature to add to the mobile version of this game. The reason I am putting this in the programming section is because it is a feature I would like to see added, as opposed to just being something related to map making.

The reasoning behind this is that if map caching is enabled on my device, and I play a test game on my map, warlight downloads the map to my device. Not a big problem, right? Wrong. When I go back and change the map back to development, make changes, then change it back to testing, the app gets extremely confused every time I try to open a game with my testing map.

Based on reasonable thinking I have deduced that the app is detecting that I already have the map downloaded on my device, so it does not try to re-download the map. However, after checking the map downloaded with the map on the server after attempting to open the game, the app is unable to compute any further as they do not match and thus I am unable to play any test games any longer on my map.

Also, when the map finally does become public any real games I play on the map, the app displays the old version of the SVG, so any graphical changes I make from the previous test do not appear.

This is why I would like to have the option to clear the cache on mobile devices. I know I have made an extremely long and extraneous post that has probably already been made somewhere else... But it's a good feature and I don't want to have to uncheck cache maps option every time I test my map.

TL;DR ppl: Please add a button to clear map cache, which basically forces your device to redownload maps in case you made newer version of a map your testing! :)
Clear Cache on Mobile: 7/1/2019 04:07:07

Level 59
lmao what mod moved this to the Help section without reading the post; this belongs in at least General

Also it sounds like you found a bug/mishandled corner case w/ map caching.

You should be able to clear the cache yourself (not just maps, but any cached data stored by Warzone- the bulk of which might be maps anyway for you) by just going to the Apps section of your device's Settings (or, for some OS's, installing some app manager that lets you clear other apps' caches).

Edited 7/1/2019 04:17:09
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