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Level 81: Siege of Feldmere: 6/24/2019 20:29:30

Level 26
Any suggestions on how to succeed on this one? I've given it multiple tries, but it seems there's just too many armies being deployed against me to make any headway...
Level 81: Siege of Feldmere: 6/24/2019 22:00:14

Skaarfungandr the Mighty
Level 58
I haven't gotten there myself, so I don't know what the actual scenario is. I've found a couple of things help against AIs as a whole -

A. AIs tend to not consider your known income when fighting you, mostly just what you have in play. So you can limit their damage by stalling in many places with small deployments and making them bounce.

B. AIs tend to mindlessly expand and suck at defending. You might be able to sneak in and eat them up from the inside. They also don't look at long term positioning, so you can try to secure such advantages more easily in a multi-faction game.

Hopefully someone else who's actually played through this can help ya. I'll see how close I get later and if I can help you too. :D
Level 81: Siege of Feldmere: 6/24/2019 22:14:19

Level 58
Played in 0 multi-player games (0% real-time)

Level 20

Congrats on being the highest-leveled player I've ever seen that has never played a multiplayer match!
Level 81: Siege of Feldmere: 6/28/2019 10:48:18

Level 29

And I couldn't work out this level either (accepted the move on offer eventually)

Edited 6/28/2019 10:48:49
Level 81: Siege of Feldmere: 7/24/2019 19:47:59

Level 32
I'm in the same boat. I've attempted that stupid level repeatedly with no success. I've moved on and come back. Still cannot figure out what to do.
Level 81: Siege of Feldmere: 7/25/2019 04:55:54

Timinator • apex 
Level 67
Break AI-Superbonuses and waltz through them. i deceided to let one of the AI into the town and limit it's damage while killing all the others off.
Level 81: Siege of Feldmere: 7/25/2019 15:40:13

Level 58
I put my armies like this as far as i remember
100 @Endpoint (SW)
10 @Southern Gate (S)
10@ Eastern Gate (E)
Rest @Turrel Arcade (W)

Moved Kings Walk to Turrel Arcade
The 300 in the center to the south going to Endpoint
Try to get the ships Second Assault Ship (1st turn) and Santa Maria (2nd turn or also in the 1st, I don´t remember yet)
I guess I also didn´t moved the Gatearmies outside but I´m also not sure

In the following turns try to hold your wall and gates (you shoud move outside to deny bonus for your oppponents)
Backstab east and westside enemies
Clean up
Level 81: Siege of Feldmere: 7/25/2019 22:30:28

Level 50
@pete, here is a screenshot of my first turn. It should be noted I was able to get a gold star.

1st turn: Focus on breaking the megabonus of Marshall Wihelm and Capt Stygr. Since the income of everyone is around 40-50, just focus on having enough defense to hold the megabonus on all other fronts (65 should be enough). You can refer to the screenshot to see my deployment to get an idea. https://prnt.sc/ok480q

2nd turn: General Correia will likely break in (that is okay, if he is the only one). Focus this turn on breaking Colonel d' Orglande's Megabonus and put enough units to seize a few (2 or 3) territories from Wilhelm and Styrgr who have been breached.

3rd turn onwards: Focus on Major Brennar and break the megabonus for him and General Correia. From there, you should be able to sweep the challenge

It should be noted for your first turn to have the 50s attack the Maria ship as your first two orders and the attacks on Wilhelm and Strygr as the final orders as they have quite a few units (it may be possible to avoid General Correia breaking in on turn 2 if you, combine your two 50s near general correia at the end of turn 1).
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