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Income-sharing mod: 6/6/2019 14:02:51

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
Is there a mod that divides your team's income into however many players there are in the team? Or a mod that has the entire team be able to use up the team's total income but the team have to decide who gets to use how many armies?

In both cases i think it should consider all players in a team as a single unit, allowing multiple players to have pieces of the same bonus to take it instead of one player having to hold the full bonus

Im just curious because I've come across some games that have unofficial mods that arent in the mod list

Edited 6/6/2019 14:03:20
Income-sharing mod: 6/6/2019 15:17:47

Level 67
there's no way to nicely change players' income by mod. The only method that comes to my mind would be veeeery inconvenient
Income-sharing mod: 6/6/2019 15:28:17

Level 60
Hmm, maybe if you used commerce games it could be done in some manner. At the start of each turn, take all the gold from each team and put it in a pool. Have a button where players can withdraw gold from the teams gold pool, and use it.
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