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multi-accounts?: 5/21/2012 08:30:07

Level 62
My question is: can I open a new account, and start playing on it without any problem of being banned?
I wanna start a new one to have higher stats, but I won't let this one being closed before the tournaments where i am are finished.
Answer please
multi-accounts?: 5/21/2012 09:46:14

Level 55
You probably can, but I fail to see the reason why. Your stats are good enough and with a low enough boot rate to get into any open game with prerequisites. It's not going to make you any kind of a better player, you know...
multi-accounts?: 5/21/2012 11:05:27

Level 58
yes, unless you use it to an unfair advantage: being on one team with this account, and joining another team with your new account in the same game, joining 1v1 tournaments with both accounts, etc.

but you dont need to create a new account, you could just copy your stats with a date, and then subtract them from your current stats, to see how you did in that period of time. (unless you wanted better stats to meet prerequisites.)
multi-accounts?: 5/21/2012 13:33:37

Level 46
There's only one actual *[rule](http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Rules)* about multi-accounts:

|> You shall not operate more than one WarLight account in a way that gives you an advantage in a game, tournament or ladder.

It has been discussed on another thread whether or not people would be allowed to use three accounts each in a 3-vs-3 where each players controls all colours on one team. Even though (if memory serves!) Fizzer did not officially respond in that thread, most people seemed to agree it was probably okay.

Just be very careful when it comes to tournaments; sometimes people mass-invite everyone they know into a tournament, so you might get invites for both accounts. While both (all) of your accounts joining a single team would probably be okay, as soon as you have accounts active in more than one team (in a 1-vs-1 or FFA tournament that would automatically be the case when joining with a second account), you are breaking the rules.

Furthermore, I agree with everyone else in failing to see why you even *want* to do this, but this is (*my best understanding of*) the rules, in case you want to do it anyway. (Extra tip: you can always ask Fizzer if something's unclear.)
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