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The Reason QM MD needs to be 3Day (& other stuff): 4/16/2019 08:55:07

Roi Joleil
Level 60
It seems that Fizzer wants to make the game more "new user friendly" wich is good and all. But for that MD needs to be 3 day. you cant eexpect new players to check into the game every day. And then expect them to not get booted.

MD should also be on default off so people stop making forum posts about why they get randomly inv to games.

One last thing. while "1army must stand guard" (off) may be more newb friendly it will effectivly just confuse them as any decent template uses "1 army must stand guard" (on).
Yes there is SP to teach new players the settings. But simply looking at the increasing numbers of new players streaming WZ who didnt play SP it doesnt help. And they just start attacking with 2's (because they think they attack with 3) or attack a 2 with 1 / 1 / 1 and expect to take it (because thats possible with "1 army must stand guard" (off))

Edited 4/16/2019 08:56:55
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