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Possible cheat or dumb luck?: 4/9/2019 02:02:17

Level 58

I was outplaying this guy but he knew exactly where I was and was able to put in 2 turns worth of troops on his way to me which made things indefensible.

I know there is a slight chance he had a pick that he didn’t get and I got and thus giving away my approximate location, but the replay doesn’t show his picks so I cannot verify that. I think it’s a cheap trick in a fog map.
Possible cheat or dumb luck?: 4/9/2019 02:05:29

Master Meldarion 
Level 63
the history does show that actually, and you stole his 1st pick, as well as his 4th pick, he had quite a bit of intel so he stacked towards there, logically.

EDIT: you were also not outplaying him at any given point in the game, he was ahead the entire time.

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Possible cheat or dumb luck?: 4/9/2019 02:19:51

Level 61
Also to add on to what Meld said, it isn't actually possible to cheat in multiplayer games in Warzone.


All multi-player Warzone games take place on the Warzone server. This means that it's not possible for players to give themselves additional armies, manipulate attacks, or do anything outside the normal rules of the game.

Further, the Warzone server never shares private information with the client. For example, information about fogged territories is filtered out on the server before it is sent to the player's browser, so trying to inspect the data-stream between the server and client won't reveal anything that would give a player an advantage in a game.

As Warzone is a competitive game, it's important that cheating never be possible in multi-player games or it would compromise things like tournaments and ladders.

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Possible cheat or dumb luck?: 4/9/2019 02:53:14

Emu Pub 
Level 65
Side note. You got your first 4 picks and lost. Which means you need to adjust your future picks. If you get your first 4 that should always equal a win right? You were too clustered. Both of you. He won because he had good intel and you had none.
Possible cheat or dumb luck?: 4/9/2019 03:50:02

Level 58
I figured this was the case and I read wiki but I was told by my programming Professor anything is hackable so I figured I’d check. Thanks guys!

Where does it show his picks in history?

Edit: found it. I never noticed the picks button in the top left before. Thanks!

Edited 4/9/2019 03:50:59
Possible cheat or dumb luck?: 4/9/2019 08:11:03

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
It's also good to know that intuitive players often stack in the direction they believe their opponent is. This come with experience, and by counting your opponents income.


For instance without having any info on him having Antarctica, my intuition told me that he would be there, due to the pick I lost, and what would make sense with them.

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