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Bonus' with no bonus link: 2/15/2019 01:23:43

art a waw
Level 54
Whats the deal with 'hidden' bonus' or no bonuslink..?
Specifically on hearts of iron IV european theatre there are bonus' for 0 such as GR Rhineland, GR Demand Sudetenland etc.

Are they any different then normal bonus' except for not having set value. Seems like they are for creating custom scenarios?

JW thanks.
Bonus' with no bonus link: 2/15/2019 01:38:06

Level 63
Well, if a bonus has its value set to 0, either through the default setting or your own changes, then the bonus link object becomes invisible.

One extra thing to note is that the territories the bonus affects will still have their borders set to the bonuses’ color. You can use that to hide edges on territories you don’t want to have bonus values for.

Edited 2/15/2019 01:39:54
Bonus' with no bonus link: 2/15/2019 02:34:20

Level 60
Can also make the suvilience card super-useful, since you can play on 0 bonuses. Mapmakers uses it for different things (custom scenario is one option), so they are quite useful tbh.
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