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Huge Bug : Rogue AIs in Team Games (Please Read): 3/14/2014 22:09:31

Level 58
Hello ! Could you Help Me ? I have a Big Issue in a Tournament Game.


I'm in the Tournament : Crusades : Fall of Jerusalem with Host eddieh4rry.

Game : Road to Redemption (3rd Round). Team D versus Team AB.

Description :

One of my Team Mate Decided to Go Into Vacation But forgot to Tick the Vacation Mode. The Auto-Boot Kicked Him. He hadn't made any Orders.

He Became an AI at turn 11. The AI attacked one of My Territories Without Any Reason or Provocation. I had that Territory for More than Three Turns.

I have a Few Pictures as Proof. The Pictures are Hosted in Imgur : the simple image sharer.

Turn 9

Turn 10 (End)

Current Turn

If You Problems Viewing the Images, you can try this Link : http://imgur.com/a/g1p33#nQjSaVo

My *ScreenShots* May not be Ideal. Please, if you are part of the Warlight Staff, Check our Game.

I'm not Very Accustomed to Ask Support or Send Bugs in Warlight because I hadn't experienced any so Far. And I have few issues with Games.

To my Knowledge, there's no Official Mailbox for these issues in Warlight so I'm Posting Here.

I would Like having this Current Game Reset.

AIs attacking Team Mates Must Be a Very Rare Bug.

You can contact me through the in-game Message Box or through my Electronic Mail : joejur.r12@gmail.com. I'm logging into my Electronic Mail Account Once a Week Usually.

Thanks For Taking Your Time ! It's very Much Appreciated.

Written the March 14 2014, at 6:00 PM. From Montreal.

~ Hostile, a Casual Player.

Post Scriptum : If You Find any Grammatical, Syntax or Spelling Error, I'm very Sorry. I put time into Writing this Message.

Edit : @ Incaman : Yes, the AI had 2 Bonuses From Hashashin. I'm Wondering why it Decided it was Better to Use his 5 Armies (Purple was Sanctioned) to break my Super Bonus and Make me lose 11 Production than Protect Himself against Green...

Edited 3/14/2014 22:30:48
Huge Bug : Rogue AIs in Team Games (Please Read): 3/14/2014 22:16:33

Level 59
I recall some weird bonuses in Fall of Jerusalem, might have something to do with that...

EDIT: Yep, it was a bonus. The AI's not designed very well for overlapping bonuses, so it took your territory to finish the Hashshashin bonus. Unfortunately the only thing you can really do is take it back and just add a few armies to make sure it stays yours :(

Edited 3/14/2014 22:18:59
Huge Bug : Rogue AIs in Team Games (Please Read): 3/14/2014 22:17:45

Level 60
some AIs are better than others
Huge Bug : Rogue AIs in Team Games (Please Read): 3/14/2014 22:21:22

Level 56
Nope that is a separate bonus, as far as i understand the Al just broke trough Emirate of Damascus. It has nothing to do with the bonuses the Al held.

Interesting behavior :D
Huge Bug : Rogue AIs in Team Games (Please Read): 3/14/2014 22:30:09

Level 58
for future reference this is how you report a bug: http://warlight.net/ReportBug

Also this was discussed in a current thread which you might wanna check out: http://warlight.net/Forum/Thread?ThreadID=33637

The AI ataccing you is not a bug, but how the AI is intended to work for now. (Though when maps have superbonuses stuff gets messy, as you've experienced :p) In your game the AI is proably working on the bonus "Minor crusader states", so my guess is that it'll atacc again, however it will not atacc with more than 2 armies,so you can easily defend. (taking a look on the AI's orders might help too;)
Huge Bug : Rogue AIs in Team Games (Please Read): 3/14/2014 22:31:31

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
Hashshashin bonus

That's the reason. AI held 2/3 = 66% of that bonus
It decided to complete it
No Bug, just bad AI-behavior on overlapping bonuses for you :/

Sidenote: AI even tries to complete (Super)Boni, if they're set to 0

Edited 3/14/2014 22:32:11
Huge Bug : Rogue AIs in Team Games (Please Read): 3/14/2014 22:57:11

Level 56
You are right Timinator I forgot about that :D. Well with this new Al I guess some thing will have to be changed. Like erasing the military orders for instance or maybe setting them in one bonus.
Huge Bug : Rogue AIs in Team Games (Please Read): 3/14/2014 23:18:59

Level 58
Thanks for the "Report Bug" Link. I'll use it in the Future.

I hope We'll be able to Set Up an Option to Disable Team Mate Attacking Completely and Maybe Mark a Few Reserved *Territories* in Game so You Coordinate the Attacks With the AI. Like tell it that any Territory with a Team Mate in a Super Bonus is *Reserved*. Or Tell it to Attack a Particular Player or Expand Towards a Particular Bonus.

Having an AI in your Team is almost an Insta-Lose for You. Because the AI likes to Expand and *give* Free territories to Opponents. Because it can't use Cards. Because it often takes territories inside the Super Bonus you're trying to Make. And Because it can attack you in Most Games Because of the Overlapping Bonuses.
Huge Bug : Rogue AIs in Team Games (Please Read): 3/15/2014 12:08:41

[WM] แต€แดดแดฑ๐“•๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ญ๐“ฐ๐“ฎ 
Level 59
incaman - hold it, wait, wait, wait... New AI? Say what?
Huge Bug : Rogue AIs in Team Games (Please Read): 3/15/2014 12:33:54

Level 60
I think I saw in UserVoice forum a pettition for the teammates to play for the AI, that would solve the problem :P Or at least change AI order to "never break a team bonus" (it can take territories of a teammate ONLY if there is no bonus there). Usually it's better a small bonus for you than a big one for AI.
Huge Bug : Rogue AIs in Team Games (Please Read): 3/15/2014 21:59:55

Level 58
The Solution For AIs could Simply Be to Add an Option to *Distribute* Territories of your Ally Equally Between Team Mates the Next Turn after your team Mate Was Booted.

There Could be an Option to get the Ally Bonus in Cards for 1-2 Turns if the Ally is Transformed into a Neutral.

Edited 3/15/2014 23:02:01
Huge Bug : Rogue AIs in Team Games (Please Read): 3/16/2014 14:30:46

Level 60
AIs sometimes try to go for overlapping bonuses. Always check AI's orders before commiting your own.
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