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UI Improvements: 10/26/2018 12:47:20

Bloody Toe Nails
Level 59
So there's a few things with the UI it'd be nice to see if we could get improved. I tried to put them in order based on ease to implement. I love the site / game BTW, I'm pretty picky about what I'll spend time on, and I've definitely gotten sucked into this site and the mobile app pretty hard-core.

1) No-Split should be able to cancel orders - The dialog is locked down to keep you from splitting, but I normally cancel my order by re-doing the order to open the dialog, and then there's no cancel in no-split. I assume it's fairly easy to re-enable / copy the button, and I assume it's how people naturally change it.

2) Keyboard shortcuts to navigate order list - It'd be nice if I could use the up/down arrow keys to flip through orders. Being able to use home / end to move an order to the beginning or end of the list would be even better. Not sure if we really want to use delete to remove them and have something to move them up or down one. The move to end / front and navigate through a list of orders is something I find myself doing a lot, especially on larger maps.

3) Persistent orders for Local Deployments - it seems pretty common you end up with a chain of armies moving. Would be nice if we could have persistent orders in local deployment games to spawn armies here, and then have them move through a number of territories.

That's all I can remember right now, but I hope others agree these would be nice for desktop at least.
UI Improvements: 10/26/2018 14:59:35

Level 57
To the right there is a list of actions, you can remove attacks there. I find that convenient for no-split games. There are hotkeys, although I am unsure what they are. Z is to commit, I know that :D

About Local Deployment, that sounds like a mod maybe you could add but not something very important because strategically you should be moving your troops around to different positions normally.
UI Improvements: 10/26/2018 15:19:28

Level 62
^The local deployment mod with that already exists.
UI Improvements: 10/26/2018 16:38:23

Level 60
+1 to cancel no split orders. I even thought it was a bug (that you can only cancel them from the orders menu). But i think no split games are s tiny percentage of total games played so it'll be a low priority for fizzer. But if enough people ask, it might happen. Let's start a uservoice for this.
UI Improvements: 10/26/2018 20:50:29

Level 60
1) No-Split should be able to cancel orders

+1. I too suggested this at one point.

2) Keyboard shortcuts to navigate order list

If this don't help, can you be more specific?

3) Persistent orders for Local Deployments

I made a mod that helps with that :) So yeah, +1 from me.
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