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Diplo mod needed: 10/14/2018 17:50:51

Level 60
Hi guys, there is a need for a simple diplo mod that doesn't have the fancy options that dabo1 implemented for his Advanced Diplo Mod.

It should have just these options:

Propose peace.
Accept peace.
Declare war on someone you're at peace with. After 1 or 2 turns, the 2 players can attack each other.

Everyone starts at peace with everyone.
Don't worry about sanction, gift, spy, bomb cards
Don't have an automatic war declaration system
No trading
No alliance system

I hope this way there are fewer bugs and players will use the mod. Right now the advanced diplo mod has too many bugs, that's why people aren't using it.

Fizzer's diplo mod has its own issues - firstly, you have to specify the number of turns you want to be at peace; the peace should last until one of the players decides to break it, +1 or 2 turns after the war declaration. Other issues are
- it keeps displaying a pop up that includes alliances with players that have been booted/surrendered
- "select player" button display players that had beed invited to the game but were removed by host/declined or have been booted/surrendered

Could someone create this mod?
Diplo mod needed: 10/14/2018 18:07:09

Level 62
For anyone who would like to create this mod, you might want to take a look at https://www.warzone.com/wiki/Mod_Developers_Guide. Mods are written in Lua.
Diplo mod needed: 10/14/2018 18:28:10

master of desaster 
Level 66
You called?

Edited 10/14/2018 18:28:16
Diplo mod needed: 10/14/2018 18:37:03

Level 56
Diplo mod needed: 10/14/2018 20:19:24

Level 60
This mod don't sound impossible to make. If none steps up, remind me around x-mas times and I will make it.

PS, Next WZ update has a small tweak to how Mods and Memberships work too. Hopefully that will give more use of mods as well.

Edited 10/14/2018 20:22:25
Diplo mod needed: 10/19/2018 21:59:41

Level 63

Warzone Creator
I just updated the Diplomacy mod with some of these things:

  • The server remembers which alliances it's notified you of, so it won't show you the same popup when you close and re-open the game.
  • Your alliances are put on the top of the dialog to make them easier to see
  • The players list no longer shows players who not in the game.
  • Your pending proposals are shown in the dialog now, so if you don't accept or decline right away you can later choose to accept or decline it without having to re-load the game.
  • If two players already have an alliance and make a new alliance, the new one will overwrite their old one. This sort of allows cancelling an alliance, as you can make a long one and later make a new 1-turn pact. If both players agree to the new shorter one, it will overwrite the old one and then expire after 1 turn.
Diplo mod needed: 10/19/2018 22:39:35

Level 60
oh snap thank you Fizzer you're the best!!!!
Diplo mod needed: 10/20/2018 06:30:23

Level 60
I like the changes a lot, and I'm OK playing like this, but I'm anticipating that diplo players will be requesting the following features (this is how they play the regular diplo games today):

- All players should start allied with each other. You have to declare war to attack someone (Right now everyone starts being able to attack each other)
- Players will want indefinite alliances, not ones that last a defined number of turns. The alliance would break when one of the players clicks a button to declare war. (Right now you have to specify how long the alliance will last).
Diplo mod needed: 10/21/2018 21:34:36

Level 60
as a workaround to everyone starting at war with each other, add the "Safe start" mod (doesn't allow people to attack each other) and set the timer to 2 or 3 turns (That seems to be the usual in most diplo games)
Diplo mod needed: 10/27/2018 17:32:30

Level 60
Yup, as I expected, many players think that they need to declare war (they think everyone starts at peace with each other); but the opposite is true - they need to declare an alliance
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