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Players who "hate cards".: 10/8/2018 04:39:26

Level 59
Met a bunch of players who didn't like that I use cards in my RoR games. Are you one of those players who hates the use of cards? I use Reinf, gift, airlift, and quick blockade, but they only spawn once and can't be used again. There is an actual reason why I use each of these cards.

The reason I use cards in my RoR games is because I'm a socialist. Too many times does one unlucky player end up struggling from the start of the game because they have 2-3 enemies and can't expand, but with cards they have a chance to enjoy the game and get somewhere.
Players who "hate cards".: 10/8/2018 05:30:07

Level 60
Ehm, there is nothing wrong with cards themselves. But just like all the other settings it depends on the specific implementation.
I think, it would help if you linked a game so we could talk about specifics.
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