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World War Pixel Solution: 10/4/2018 16:41:53

Level 25
Hello Everyone,

Finally, after several attempts, I came up with the following solution that will allow you to beat this final level.

General Tips for playing this map. This is not for Gold Star but will help you finish the game.

Phase 1) By Turn 5-6 Kill Southern AI
Phase 2) By Turn 11-12 Kill European AI
Part 3) Slow Advance from Americas Australia & Asia and keep pushing in all directions.
Part 4) Focus on AI 1 and place Emergency Blockade Card next to him. He will kill himself. That will stop the spawning.

Turn 1
All 5 to South Mexico
10 to North Mexico
9 to Caribbean Islands
Commander to Southern Mesoamerica

Turn 2
All 5 to Caribbean Islands
3 to Baja California
3 to Southwest US
3 to Texas
3 to Floridian Peninsula
3 to Venezuela
7 to Azores
Commander to Colombia

Turn 3
1 to Baja California
1 to Southwest US
3 to Texas
3 to Floridian Peninsula
3 to California
3 to Great Basin
3 to Great Plains
3 to Midwest
3 to Gulf Coast
3 to Southeast US
6 to Iberian Peninsula
Commander to Amazonas
2 to Amazonas (from Venezuela)

Turn 4
1 to California
1 to Great Plains
1 to Gulf Coast
4 to Southeast US
Remaining to Commander in Amazonas
3 to Pacific Northwest (2 from Great Basin)
3 to Central Rocky Mountains (2 from Midwest)
3 to Western Great Lakes
3 to Eastern Great Lakes
3 to New England
Commander to Bolivia
5 to France

Turn 5 - PHASE 1 (Critical Round)
You Split you armies between your Commander (who by now is border with AI 3) and you attack first there (be sure enough armies to kill him at once). If that doesnt happen keep after him the next two rounds. If you not succeed that task start all over. He must be eliminated sooner than later.

Then place the other half of your armies next to the spawn from AI 1 (usually spawns 7) in your land. He cannot advance too far as you need to contain him polluting your land. If you are lucky he is on an island next to you. You either block him or try to eliminate in that or next round.

In the nexts few rounds (up to 11-12) continue your expanding on Americas but the main focus is to go north from France to West Central Europe, to Denmark to Norway and go after AI2. You have to eliminate him by turn 11-12 (Phase 2).

Next Turns - Continue normal on next phases.

I personally enjoyed the challenge and will play that level again.
Hope that helps,
Enjoy! :)
World War Pixel Solution: 10/4/2018 19:33:13

Roi Joleil
Level 60
oof if you like challenges try this one


Statisticly my hardest scenario. tho im not sure about it.

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