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CPU hog?: 10/3/2018 01:02:50

Level 59
Why is the game such a CPU hog suddenly?

I'm running Unity under Chrome 69 on a Win10 machine.

Right now, the Windows Task Manager says Chrome is utilizing about 4% of my CPU. But if I open the Chrome window that shows a list of my games, it pops up to 70-80% CPU usage. And when I minimize the Chrome window, it reduces back down to 4%.

Trying to take a turn is extremely difficult. Keypresses are being dropped and ignored.
CPU hog?: 10/3/2018 01:22:03

Level 63
try ujs and see how that works. I cant speak to unity in browser, but the standalone app for members is really good
CPU hog?: 10/3/2018 02:31:41

Level 60
CPU hog?: 10/3/2018 14:01:03

A Phoenix rises from its ashes again and again
Level 10
Default is UJS, which should be working fine. Try Mozilla Firefox if youre using Unity.
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