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Warzone Champions League: 9/30/2018 07:56:07

Level 60
Warzone Champions League

This is a new fan-made project, the project will be made with the European Football Champions League as an influence.

This will be a league which will involve clans and players in a different way than the clan league.

This project will have 3 main phases.
The Qualification phase
The Group stage
The Final knockout phase
More about the phases in later stages.

Each clan will provide 4 players for the tournament. The way they choose the players is something they decide and the tournament organization team will not interfere. Will be nice though if it is the winners of their internal competitions, this will make the competition more prestigious.

There will be a ranking system for the clans and a ranking system for the players and according to it, each clan will have seeds to the groups or the qualifications you can't have a seed in the final phase. More about how the ranking system will work after the phases explanation.
Now let's explain the phases.
The Qualification phase
It will be the first phase in which will compete players from clans which are ranked lower. How many qualification rounds we will have will depend on how many people-clans will participate. Max will be 3 will try our best to avoid more and will be knock out games.
How many games? One player has to win 2 games against hes opponent in order to pass.
How the maps will be selected will be explained at the end.
In each round will be a lottery the players will be divided into 2 groups the (will be explained after the phases) and then the lottery will commence groups 1 will be against group 2
Group stage
As the name implies there will be groups of 4 (subject to change)
Some clans will have auto seeds according to their position.
The players will be divided in for example 4 lottery groups and then we will have the groups. If we have 8 groups each lottery will have 8 teams which can't play together in the same group.
Knock out phase will be 3 games (subject to change).
Quick answers:
Can 2 people from the same clan play together in the Qualification round or the Group stage? No, in knock out yes.
Point system
This league will have 2 point systems.
The individual one and the clan one.
Each victory gives points to the player and points to the clan.
How you get points?
Taking victories or qualifying from rounds.
Each victory will give you points if you manage to pass a round will get more points.
Will be worth to start from the last qualification round in order to take more points? No, the amount will not be significant enough to affect victories or points from knock out phase. Will be for sure a nice boost but it will be a disaster if you get to knock out from a new individual or a hot prospect and you are in a clan which aims high.

Clan points:
Will define how many players you have in later stages and the number of seeds you have in the Group stage.
Example the first team will have 3 players in the group stage 1 in the final Qualification round.
10th clan in the scoreboard 1 player in Group stage 3 in various qualification rounds.

There will be more about how many players will compete after clans start to sign up cause everything depends on how many clans will be involved.
The clan will gather all the points their players gathered from each season and will be positioned accordingly. The scoreboard will include points of 3 seasons and after we go to fourth the first season points will be nulled.
Player points:
Each victory each round you pass gives you points and you gather them under your name. This points will sum up your clan points but they matter for you cause the season's points will determine in which group you will be in the lottery. The example in Qualifications will be 2 groups in the lottery group 1 will be with the ones with the higher points playing against the one with the lowest.
Will my points affect my starting round position? No this depends to the clan points. Your points affect if you are in the <strong> group or the <weak> group. Same will be in the Group stage.

Knock out phase will not be affected by points but your finishing position in the group stage for the first knock out after that will be a predetermined knock out route which will be determined with a lottery but with no restrictions.
The same thing as the clan points will be enacted for the players too. The points will remain for 3 seasons
Season 1 100 points season 2 0 points (didn't compete) season 3 he will have 100 points. Season 4 the season 1 points will be removed.
Fast questions
What will happen if I change clan? You will keep your individual points go change 100 clans. What will happen to the clan points if I leave the clan? Your old clan will keep the points you earned the previous seasons for them if you change a clan in the middle of the season all the points you earn will be part of your previous clan.
Example: I start with masters I am selected for them the tournament starts I leave the clan I go to Darklords. All the points I get will be calculated for Masters Next season will be calculated to Darklords.

Individual points= Matter with who you play against.
Clan points= Seeds for higher rounds.
Mr love I don't have a clan and I HATE CLANS what will become of me?
Don't fear my dear clanless player you will be able to play.
All the clanless players who sign up will be able to compete and have 4 seeds the points they gather will be gathered exactly like the clans and will be used in the exact the same way to give them higher positions.
Example Jason rob and Jim gather 100 50 and 10 points. Next season they find a clan. This 160 points will remain for the clanless people and will give them better seeds.

If for example, 10 clanless players want to join a competition will be made by the WCL organization team which will determine who will play.
More about the competition will be in a different thread.
Map selection:
Each player will choose 1 map as his Homeground Stadium.
Can I select any map? No specific rules will be given about what maps you can choose and need to be approved by the league committee
Can I make a new map and compete with it? Yes, but will you have to submit it early so our committee can give or not give approval. We will give a list of the Qualified Maps. But you can always submit one.
So first game in your Stadium player 1 win, Second game in hes stadium player 2 win a third game will be in a neutral ground Neutral grounds will be 3 and chosen by the league committee and will be randomly chosen for the third game. The third game must not be one of the 2 maps already played.
Questions can i choose the same map as someone else? Yes.
How the first season seeds will be chosen?
We will use clan league positions for the seeds and instead of player points, this will be determined through a committee which will evaluate the players.
No I don't like this and I am sure many mistakes will be done with this evaluation but this will happen only in season 1 cause we don't have any points yet.
Other subjects
Can a clan change a player? Yes before the lottery of the first stage the individual player compete you can't change him after that.
I repeat The lottery of the first stage they play.
Multi-accounting will not be allowed and will result in a permaban of the player and a loss of 1 position for the next season for the clan. If he is from the clanless base they will not be affected.

All rules are subject to change.

More quick explanations: In the qualifiers you will just play against 1 player you either win and you pass or you loose
Group stage each win 3 points 2 games against each player one to hes stadium one to yours.
Maps which certainly qualify are all the last 2 seasons 1v1 cl maps much more maps will be approved if you want to play a map which ain't approved do it just notify as soon as possibly to see the map.
For now MA and LD maps will not be allowed mainly SR and WR.
The organisator has the authority to veto a template even if it is approved.
Can clans affiliated to an another clan participate?
Yes for example GGr could participate this competition works diffrently than clan league.
Training clans could compete.
Although the administrator keep the rights to change a rule if we see that something dosn't work or a rule is getting abused.

When will happen? Probably after the officiall end of CL.
First thing i want to see is if people are interested and feel free to give any feedback. If we don't have enough interest this can't be happen.
Any help will always be welcomed.
The point system is ready will be posted later.

Edited 9/30/2018 07:57:28
Warzone Champions League: 9/30/2018 07:56:26

Level 60
Point system:

First qualifying round elimination – 0.25 points
Second qualifying round elimination – 0.50 points
Third qualifying round elimination-0.75 points
Group stage bonus participation – 2 points
Group stage win – 1 point
Round of 16 bonus participation – 4 points
Round of 8 round elimination – 2 points
Round of 4 round elimination – 2 points
Final 3 Points each player the winner gets a free participation for the next season.
So if hes clan brings 4 with him will be 5. In order not to stretch the competition he will be able to play with players from the same clan in group stage.
He gets of course an autoseed in group stage.

I decided for now to don't give any points in qualifiers and knock out victories in order to avoid a point system abuse.

This is subject to change and everything will be heavily influenced by the participation.

Edited 9/30/2018 12:07:33
Warzone Champions League: 9/30/2018 07:56:33

Level 60
Warzone Champions League: 9/30/2018 16:22:29

Level 59
Interesting idea but...

Does it really have to take that many words to explain...

Please can you read through your explanation and try to make it shorter and clearer
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