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Erate's Multigame Diplomacy: 9/28/2018 20:53:16

Erate Deight
Level 60
Hello! I Will Be Making A Multigame DIplomacy Inspired By Those Of Iamtaller And Fionnlagh The Panda, Hopefully Mine Will Not Just Cease As Theirs Did. In Order To Help Run The Game, I Would Like To Recruit Some 'Moderators' To Run Games In Certain Areas, And Tell Me Anything Happening, Such As Somebody Attacking A Different Game, Sending A Message To An Other Game, Et Cetera. PM Me If You Are Interested In Being A Moderator, Or Want To Request A Specific Game, Or Want To Help With Historical Research. The First Game To Go Up Will Be Italy, And I Will Post A List Of All Games In This Thread, As Well As A Current Map And Important Historical Events.

Rules: (Since They Would Be Too Long To Fit In The Descriptions I'm Putting Them Here)
.1 Must Declare War 1 Turn Before Attacking.
.2 You Must Break An Alliance 1 Turn Before Declaring War.
.2.1 Alliances Must Be Public To Count (You Can Still Sign Alliances In Private Chat, But You Can Declare War On Them)
.3 Vassals Can Make Their Own Alliances, Fight Their Own Wars, Et Cetera, But If A Vassal Refuses To Do Something Their Liege Tells
Them To, The Liege Can Declare Them A Traitor And Attack Them.
.3.1 If A Vassal Is Declared On By Somebody Who Is Not A Vassal Of Their Liege, Their Liege Will Automatically Join In.
.3.2 Vassals Can't Attack Allies Of Their Liege, And May Be Forced To Attack Their Own Ally If Their Liege Declares War On Them.
.4 Vassals Can Declare Independence, In Which Case The Former Liege Will Probably Declare War On Them.
.5 Vassals Can Attempt To Overthrow Their Liege, If They Succeed They Get The Liege (And All His Former Vassals) As Vassals.
.6 Vassals Can Have Their Own Vassals.
.7 If Anybody Breaks A Rule, They Become Public Enemy (PE), PEs Can Be Attacked By Anybody Without Declaring
.7.1 Aiding A PE In Any Way, Including Fighting Someone They Are At War With, Will Make You PE As Well.
.8 Vassals Can Not Make Land Deals With People In Other Realms (I.E. Not A Vassal of The Same Liege) Without Their Liege's Permission.
.9 In Games With Boat/Sea Territories (Hellas), You Are Not Allowed To Deploy Armies In Boat/Sea Territories.
.10 In Games With Boat/Sea Territories (Hellas), Anybody In Your Realm (Vassal Of The Same Liege (Directly Or Indirectly) Or Your Own Vassal (Directly Or Indirectly)) Can Take Your Sea Territories If They have No Troops In Them.

Interacting With Other Games:
If You Want To Send A Message To An Other Game, PM Me, And I Will Send It To The Requested Player/Game.
If You Want To Attack An Other Game, Publicly State It, And When It Comes Time To Attack (Or Before) Blockade Provinces With All Armies You Are Sending. You May Choose Where To Attack, As Long As It Is Coastal Or Borders Land You have Access In (Land Owned By You, Land In Your Realm, Or Land In The Realm Of Somebody Who Agreed To Give You Military Access).
Your Armies Will Take A Certain Amount Of Half-Months (Turns) To Arrive, Depending On Distance.
You May Lose Some Soldiers Due To Attrition If You Are Attacking A Far Away Land, Or Through A Difficult To Cross Region, Such As Desert Or Mountains.
If You Are Attacking Overseas, It Will Likely Be Faster Than Marching Your Soldiers, However Random Events Could Cause Your Ships To Sink Or Go Off Course.
If A SIngle Player Owns Too Much Land, They Will Be Forced To Delegate It Into Vassals So It Is Easier To Administrate. If A Realm Is Too Strong, They May Face Rebellions From Oppressed Cultures Or Religions.
In Order For New Vassals To Be Assigned, Rebellions To Spawn, Or Attacking Armies To Appear, The Game Will Be Required To Vote To End, I Will Then Recreate It With The New Vassals/Rebels/Attacking Armies, And Invite All Players.

The Game Starts On January 1, 697 AD, And Each Turn In The Italia Game Is Two Weeks, Or Half A Month.
I Will Take My Turn Approximately One Day After The Turn Begins, To Try To Keep The Games Synced Up, And Request Any Future Moderators Do The Same.

Bonus Values Will Increase Over Time, Due To Development And Population Increase, But They Will Decrease Due To Natural Disasters Or Plagues.

You May Join Multiple Games (Not As A Moderator) But Please Do Not Rule An Independent State In More Than One, And Use Seperate Roleplay For Different Roles.

Extra Notes:
Moderators Are Allowed To Be An Actual Player In One Game That They Moderate, If You Are A Moderator And Want To Play In More, Then Please PM Me.

Roleplay: Please Roleplay, As It Makes The Game More Enjoyable For Everyone. Cultures/Religions Of Each Slot Are Supplied In Game Descriptions. Nicene (Christian) Patriarchs Can Excommunicate People In Their "Religious Regions", The Patriarch Of Roma (The Pope) Is In Charge Of Italia, Helvetica, Hispania, Gallia, And Britannia, The Patriarch Of Constantinople (Ecumenical Patriarch) Is In Charge Of Hellas, Western Anatolia, Trakia, Dacia, Illyria, And Anything No Other Patriarch Is In Charge Of, The Patriarch Of Antioch Is In Charge Of Eastern Anatolia, Syria, Armenia, Georgia, And Persia, The Patriarch Of Jerusalem Is In Charge Of Judaea, Lebanon, And Arabia, The Patriarch Of Alexandria Is In Charge Of Africa.

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Erate's Multigame Diplomacy: 9/28/2018 20:53:48

Erate Deight
Level 60
Erate's Multigame Diplomacy: 9/28/2018 20:53:57

Erate Deight
Level 60
Map: Europe: https://imgur.com/a/f31Ew0B (Note: Maps Are Based On Rough Borders Of Nations In Game, Not Including Lands In Games That Don't Exist Yet)

January 14, 697: The King Of Lombardy Dies Without An Heir, Allowing All Former Vassals To Declare Independence And Creating Chaos In Italia.
February 20, 697: The Duke Of Venetia Declares War On The Republic Of Venice.

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Erate's Multigame Diplomacy: 10/1/2018 21:50:46

Jason Walat
Level 60
Italy just needs one more player.
Erate's Multigame Diplomacy: 10/2/2018 08:14:52

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 59
I would be up.
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