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How desperate can you be?!: 9/26/2018 18:50:56

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Haven't played the game in almost a year (November 2017). Haven't posted on the forums in even longer.

Just received an invite to join Darklords.
It's only my 7th invite received over 4 years (including 3 within 45 day period)

Can you get more pathetic/desperate?
How desperate can you be?!: 9/26/2018 19:08:31

Level 60
Blacklisting a player stops them from being able to send you clan invites. Also, if you don't accept nor decline, the invitation will just be left pending forever (and not notify you, unless he removes the pending information and re invites).

This system is sub-par. If you want you should submit your feedback to Fizzer (the creator) here : https://www.warzone.com/Contact

How desperate can you be?!: 9/26/2018 21:34:24

Dutch Desire 
Level 60
Welcome back Richard Sharpe! Seems his invite did something good. :)
How desperate can you be?!: 9/26/2018 23:05:09

Level 60
Apparently darklordio is back so im not surprised you got invited. Only a matter of time before we all do.

Needless to say, good to see you back :P
How desperate can you be?!: 9/27/2018 21:28:55

A Phoenix rises from its ashes again and again
Level 10
***Can you get more pathetic/desperate? ***

Yes. By writing a post that I got invited to Darklords.
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