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Seasonal Ladders player-base dropping?: 9/11/2018 17:30:43

Level 59
Season XIII reached 199 (Q1 2014) ranked players and past that we have had always 200+ players. Current low-point past that was Season XXVI with 209 players and highest Season XXIII 298 players. This Season is not over yet, many can join, but currently it shows just 199 players participating? I would estimate that since 2014 there have been around on average ~225 players in ladder? If we just look 2015-2016, then the average players there were much higher. Currently one could argue it is just nearly -|+ 10% of average and not significant. I have been looking past two weeks how many players are on current ladder, not many days ago it was above 210. 1v1 Ladder has 304 players.

Why do we have so few players participating now? Could it be just the template, start was on summer? As far as I remember Fizzer has been speaking about constant growing of player-base and now we can at least see how many have played on QM (cant see active, but just have had some games?), but Seasonal Ladder seems to be losing players or at least not keeping up?
Seasonal Ladders player-base dropping?: 9/11/2018 19:38:38

Level 61
I remember that for most of 2016 there were more than 350 people on 1v1 ladder, so 304 players now is a drop as well. And 2v2 ladder has 58 ranked teams, while my peak there is.... 71st place. Turns out that all ladders lost players, not only seasonal. Maybe number of players on WarZone did decrease, after all?...

edit: or everyone just plays Quickmatch

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Seasonal Ladders player-base dropping?: 9/12/2018 03:35:33

Level 63

Warzone Creator
The Unity WebGL client being so slow did hurt growth of desktop users. And remember that ladders are a web-only feature -- they don't exist in the iOS / Android app, so they were more affected than other areas.

Now that the issue is fixed, you'll see the numbers start to rise again in time.

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Seasonal Ladders player-base dropping?: 9/12/2018 06:56:18

Level 61
@Fizzer: Are you planning to integrate ladders into the app eventually?
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