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New format: how to tell which cards you have: 9/3/2018 20:07:14

Level 58
I quickly switched back to the old format. Not only because the new format looks way older/outdated but also because it's not clear at all which cards you can actually already use and which you are still saving for.

I understand changed are needed to make a uniform game for desktop and smartphone. I prefer playing the game on desktop/laptop and maybe it's just me but I rather open the pop up screen in the "you have ..... cards" and actually see visually how many parts of the different cards I have and to see quickly when I have all parts needed and I can use a card (like for 5 armies) then check below all cards if it says for example 2/4 or 4/4. How is that easier?

I like that you can see all the cards you have or are saving for but it really should be clearer when you can actually use which cards. Why not put a different colour border around it when a card can be used or make the cards you are still saving for a lighter colour and make it the normal harsher colour tone when you can use it. Or even better: just go back to the visual parts.

Edited 9/3/2018 20:42:01
New format: how to tell which cards you have: 9/3/2018 20:28:06

Death Cat
Level 59
I switched back immediately too, and with so many people complaining it's clear that Flash (Legacy) should be default.
New format: how to tell which cards you have: 9/3/2018 21:07:24

Level 64

Warzone Creator
Hey alac,

Are you running Internet Explorer? I think it sounds like you're running into an issue with IE where it can't display partial cards. If you try a browser like Chrome or Firefox, is the issue you're talking about fixed?

it's clear that Flash (Legacy) should be default.

The problem with Flash is that it's blocked by all browsers by default these days. And the steps to unblock it are complicated and hard to follow for non-technical users.
New format: how to tell which cards you have: 9/3/2018 21:49:28

The Last Kiss
Level 55
"So many people" preferring Flash doesn't remotely suggest that most people prefer flash either. People dislike change, they want to go back to what they're used to. This does not indicate that most people prefer flash: it indicates that some people prefer flash. Those who are perfectly happy with UJS will tend to just remain silent similar to how when you check review sites almost all reviews are negative. Happy customers don't write reviews. People happy with UJS don't make forum threads. There will be some people unhappy with any change, if you were to decide any change which is protested by anyone is bad change than that'd quickly mean that stagnation is key and that all change is bad. That's a clearly wrong position.
New format: how to tell which cards you have: 9/5/2018 04:08:47

Roi Joleil
Level 60
Thats true that "happy customers" dont write they like the change and are just silent. Tho idk why i see some other people with the problem that UJS was meant to fix the problem with unity loading so long but for me it fixed nothing and may even say its worse for me than in unity. atm i dont see myself continiu playing WZ when Flash isnt useable anymore because waiting each turn 5 minutes to do your deployments is time maybe other people can spend but i certainly cant. Maybe this problem is just chrome (was to lazy to test with other sites) and if it is i will probably change to another browser but if its for me in general everywhere then yea... not spending so much time each turn.
New format: how to tell which cards you have: 9/9/2018 17:06:24

Level 58
Fizzer, you are right. When using Firefox it does show the partial cards.
I wasn't using Internet explorer but Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0. Doesn't work there either FYI.
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