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wally's blacklist: 8/11/2018 20:17:52

Level 56
does anyone have the latest version
wally's blacklist: 8/11/2018 21:30:53

Level 48
Japanball I removed you from my blacklist
wally's blacklist: 8/12/2018 10:01:28

Level 62
Use https://www.warzone.com/Forum/299366-hide-threads-replies-poster-official-3 instead. There isn’t a way to automatically import the data on “wally”’s. What you can do is install the latest version of my hide threads and replies script, click on Dan’s Userscript, click on Add Players, click on Username and then type/copy and paste a player name. If you encounter an error, click “Yes” to allow an error report to be sent. Doing this allows me to quickly resolve the bug.

May I ask you why you’re using “wally”’s version? Mine is maintained while I doubt Wally understands how “his” works yet alone maintain it.
wally's blacklist: 8/12/2018 12:14:04

The Furious Logan
Level 27
idk jappanball is most likely useing it to block my posts.
wally's blacklist: 8/12/2018 14:05:17

Level 59

I want to help you improve your grammar, because it'd help you on your journey as a writer.
wally's blacklist: 8/12/2018 14:23:58

Level 21
May I ask you why you’re using “wally”’s version? Mine is maintained while I doubt Wally understands how “his” works yet alone maintain it.

Simply because his doesn't have a lot of useless crap that slows it down.
wally's blacklist: 8/12/2018 15:28:06

Level 56
no, not that! i would never use his script, i just want to know who he blacklisted
wally's blacklist: 8/12/2018 15:30:11

The Furious Logan
Level 27
(remove) (Team USA) The One and Only King Gen.Grant
(remove) Big Willy
(remove) Biscuit02
(remove) ByZantium
(remove) Darth Player
(remove) Draxx33
(remove) Fyrenn
(remove) HBR
(remove) Hillary Clinton
(remove) Joffrey The Inbred
(remove) Lampião
(remove) Longers
(remove) Lou Bloom
(remove) PeaceLight
(remove) South America
(remove) Splarrr
(remove) Von Jexelsi0r
(remove) mdonn
(remove) quatrazerov
(remove) ~TSK~ Lulu
wally's blacklist: 8/12/2018 15:30:29

The Furious Logan
Level 27
thats all of them
wally's blacklist: 8/12/2018 17:21:30

Level 49
(remove) 1ea
(remove) 2yellowdots
(remove) 502'sYo mama💰🇬XVIII🇹
(remove) A A Wiso warmaster
(remove) AcetheAwesomeApple
(remove) Adwalsh
(remove) Aleph Hytken
(remove) Alex
(remove) Alex Jones’ Empire
(remove) Alice xx
(remove) Alpha Centauri
(remove) Andrew Erik Whitley
(remove) Angel of death
(remove) Arcturus
(remove) Ares
(remove) Austin Padley
(remove) Azem Kasumagić
(remove) Azumanga Warlord 777
(remove) Batman
(remove) BeastMaster_64
(remove) Belicous
(remove) Benedek Hóman
(remove) Benito Mussolini
(remove) Berboll
(remove) Beric Dondarrion
(remove) Blesku
(remove) BlueJAE
(remove) BossUser2
(remove) Braxton
(remove) Brittney
(remove) Brosama
(remove) Broseph Stalin
(remove) Bull
(remove) Byronicus The Third
(remove) CP78
(remove) ChadToTheStec
(remove) Chris Cringle
(remove) Christopher Counts
(remove) CommonwealthOfMan
(remove) Cris
(remove) Cutlass
(remove) DRC
(remove) Death
(remove) Deporious
(remove) Dhanjeet Ramnatsing
(remove) Donald Trumpet Senior
(remove) DrenDren
(remove) Dridi Chadi
(remove) Duinhil IV.
(remove) EMILIO
(remove) Eddy
(remove) Efireball
(remove) Emporer Augustin I
(remove) Erin
(remove) Evgplays
(remove) FatEngland02
(remove) Ferdinando
(remove) Fert 88
(remove) Fisch
(remove) Fox
(remove) Fyrenn
(remove) Gavin
(remove) General Gato
(remove) GeneralKhan
(remove) GeneralManstein1998
(remove) Genghis Khancro
(remove) George S. Patton
(remove) Gladiator
(remove) Halo Mr Black
(remove) HazardTones99
(remove) Hegemon
(remove) Hussain468
(remove) I hear voices in my Head
(remove) I like tomato
(remove) I8Frenchfries
(remove) Ian peay
(remove) Imperial Nation
(remove) J. Stalin
(remove) JACKATTACK4eva
(remove) Jables
(remove) Jaka
(remove) JakeTheSnake
(remove) JannikYukuu
(remove) Japanball
(remove) Jason 420 XDD
(remove) Jayden
(remove) Jon
(remove) JulesEatsBabies
(remove) Kabutangtang
(remove) Kakse fc
(remove) KansasCityRoyal
(remove) KidSwagg985
(remove) Killer-Thom27
(remove) Kim Dong Un
(remove) King Eldaris
(remove) King of Legend
(remove) KingOfKarma
(remove) Kingdom of Nordia
(remove) Koolaidman
(remove) Lazarus R Darkwinter
(remove) Legop30
(remove) Legs2121
(remove) Leonidus
(remove) LiteNite
(remove) Livonian Gaming
(remove) M52
(remove) MB17
(remove) Madara Uchiha
(remove) Magit
(remove) Mario
(remove) Matthew A Wallin
(remove) Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!
(remove) Mert1999
(remove) Moniker
(remove) Mr T
(remove) MrDyl4n
(remove) NL strong
(remove) Nacho418
(remove) Naluboard3
(remove) Niglie
(remove) Ninor
(remove) Olly of Canada
(remove) Orealis
(remove) Original Smarty
(remove) Paradinhos
(remove) Pickle Riiiiiiiick (solenya)
(remove) Pollywalls
(remove) Pornflakes
(remove) Putin
(remove) RandomPants
(remove) Readrulessoppldntfreakonu
(remove) Rhinoboy66
(remove) Sandy Hole
(remove) Save_The_Marsh
(remove) SiegHeil
(remove) Sir Redvers Buller
(remove) Smash
(remove) Snowflyer
(remove) Sonft
(remove) SpartanLord
(remove) Spiffy Chap
(remove) Spoons Mcgee
(remove) StalinCommieShitEater
(remove) Styrian
(remove) Super Sexy Emperor
(remove) SupperSteve22
(remove) THIS IS ME
(remove) Tarklow
(remove) Taylor
(remove) TehBOIBUSTY
(remove) That guy
(remove) The Black Ninja
(remove) The Great Henderowski
(remove) The Hegemon
(remove) The king
(remove) TrashPandaMapperYT
(remove) Tsartoros
(remove) TwilightSparkles
(remove) Tyler
(remove) UndiscoveredBum
(remove) Uwmoeder
(remove) Vikingsfan1128
(remove) Vinnie The Fish
(remove) WalkinDead321
(remove) Warhero321
(remove) WarlightGamesYT
(remove) WarriorofSparta
(remove) Warsaw Pact
(remove) Wulfhere
(remove) Wyrden
(remove) X_Eaglefrost_X
(remove) Xander Smaby
(remove) Xlbeutel
(remove) XxXjewslayingcocksucking420BLAZEqueen6669XxX
(remove) Zakweefus
(remove) [NL] Redstar88
(remove) [NL]PeterVog
(remove) [WOLF]CopperTitanium
(remove) _The_Warlord_
(remove) agent009
(remove) alt
(remove) apache_heli_
(remove) aussie patriot
(remove) blackchurro
(remove) civil/문명더맨
(remove) coldman101
(remove) cole.bill
(remove) comanche raiders
(remove) commando A.J.
(remove) con
(remove) deadpool
(remove) deporteam
(remove) ernie cena
(remove) hooman
(remove) jay
(remove) johnny
(remove) keen
(remove) kuhoku
(remove) loli-sama
(remove) maug
(remove) qwertyioplex
(remove) sam35
(remove) thelittlebigone
(remove) thepianist
(remove) vansh97
(remove) welebich
(remove) wenshan
(remove) {CZ-SK}RobiX
(remove) ☁WARLORD♥t(ಥ۾ಥt)SirℜicharD✠[WOLF]☁
wally's blacklist: 8/12/2018 17:21:41

Level 49
wally's blacklist: 8/12/2018 18:00:30

Level 48
(remove) 90 \(ºº)/
(remove) Bane
(remove) Bokonon
(remove) Clint Eastwood
(remove) DangerousCliff
(remove) Deway
(remove) DrainZ
(remove) GuitarGuy
(remove) Julian
(remove) KansasCityRoyal
(remove) LeQuébécois_Benoit
(remove) Lucien Müller
(remove) Master Farah♦
(remove) Math Wolf
(remove) Shredtail2
(remove) SummerSun
(remove) THE TungstenTrex
(remove) The Glorious Koala
(remove) ps
(remove) حياة
(remove) ℳℛᐤƬrαńɋℰ✕

I just use the blacklist feature to keep track of who's blacklisted me, if you haven't blacklisted me you shouldn't be on there. If you have blacklisted me do say so, so that I can add you back.
wally's blacklist: 8/12/2018 18:01:46

Level 48
"you can tell a man by the blacklist he keeps"
wally's blacklist: 8/12/2018 18:17:08

Level 49
I have a large game scenario

gotta keep the gay players out
wally's blacklist: 8/12/2018 18:19:24

Level 59
Why do people care about Wally's blacklist so much? Oh's blacklist is much funnier.
wally's blacklist: 8/13/2018 03:39:31

Level 48
My blacklist isn't funny
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