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Living Fossils: 7/10/2018 02:46:27

Level 59
It's year 10 A.F. (after Fizzer) era

I noticed some warlighters which were hatched during pleistocene era, trillion gadzillion years ago are still active...

A short questionnaire:
How many years since joining warzone is considered "living fossil"?
Which warlighter is your favourite living fossil?
With whom do you associate the most?
Which one pisses you off the most?
How big percentage of playerbase can be considered "living fossils", and what were their strategic adaptations to survive so long on the savanna... *cough* *cough*, I mean forumz.
Living Fossils: 7/10/2018 04:14:48

Level 53
What's a living fossil? Also, Fizzer hasn't quit on Warlight yet.
Living Fossils: 7/10/2018 19:04:16

Castle Bravo
Level 56
The thing about warlight/warzone is, it's just risk with all the important game modifications you could ask for (except diplomacy but that's a different thing from risk entirely). So I don't think the game will disappear unlike the next Call of Duty when people want the new aesthetics and guns. It's here to stay, as long as it stays simple and stays ahead of the competition. No other risk game is like this. People are always going to want to play online risk.
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