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Vacations: 2/26/2012 01:40:34

Level 58
In about 4 weeks time I will have no access to a computer for over 5 weeks. Your vacation limit is 10 days. Why is there no option for a longer period. ? What am I suposed to do about all the games you keep inviting me to, if I join any a week or two before I will just be 'booted' which then unfairly increases my 'boot percentage'on my record. How can this be fair. ? Surely anyone should be able to 'drop-out' for a set period & then return without being penalised.
Vacations: 2/26/2012 02:22:50

[REGL] FourthFloor
Level 3
As the system is right now, I think there are alot of people that abuse the vacation feature. If we increased it to over a month, just imagine how many people would "allways be on vacation"!

Id just stop accepting multigames; as it is I pretty much only play tournaments or clan games as multi day, its just too cumbersome.
Vacations: 2/26/2012 03:49:03

Level 2
If you have a friend you can trust on the site, you can ask him to make your moves for you, and set you to vacation status again as soon as it's available. Just a suggestion...
Vacations: 2/26/2012 08:54:03

Level 46
I've never looked into vacation mode, but currently the limits are ten vacations per year and max 10 days per vacation, right?

How about changing that to:

- Maximum of 10 vacations per year
- Maximum of 31 (??) days of vacation at a time
- Maximum of 60 (??) days of vacation per year

That should cover just about all likely scenarios, without leaving too much room for abuse. Problem: it will still force all other players to wait a month... Maybe the "vacation setting" (whether vacations are honoured) could be changed to "Being on vacation will protect you from being booted for X days over the normal boot deadline."? That would allow a balance between the needs of people on vacation (not being booted) and the needs of the other players (games making progress). Default it to 10 or 14 days and the current behaviour is mostly retained, but with the possibility of giving people longer vacations if other players are willing to accept it.

This is not intended to be the final solution to the vacation "problem", just a suggestion, some food for thought or inspiration for other people to come up with even better ideas. If we can work out something which is simply perfect, we can make a UV out of the final proposal. :)
Vacations: 2/26/2012 11:11:31

Level 50
Vacation mode isn't being abused as much as before because now whenever you join a game the mode is turned off.
Vacations: 2/26/2012 11:16:00

Level 44
RvW, unless it was changed since I last looked at it "which was some time ago" it was 5 instances of 10 day vacation... I personally would prefer just giving each player 50 vacation days that will replenish 1 year from the date used, that would have to be turned on say 24 hours before it took effect, with a certain minimum

it would make situations like the one presented here solvable, especially for those that dont frequently use the vacation system and actually would have all of those days saved up.
the requirement for it to have to be setup in advance will prevent people from waiting until the end of their turn timers then turning on vacation mode right at 2d23hr, unless previously planning on it *ofc*, as well as possibly preventing them making rt games with vacation accepted, then stalling it to troll whoever they made games with, while still allowing rational players to use vacation time to... take vacations..
Vacations: 2/26/2012 12:14:49

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
In previous times something like this has been brought up, Fizzer has suggested sending him an e-mail directly, so that he can put in a vacation for longer. I don't know what information he needs to confirm your need, but I'm sure he could answer that question directly.
Vacations: 2/26/2012 20:24:06

Level 58
I obviously would not expect to keep anyone waiting for weeks for me to move. In the 2 weeks prior I will limit my games & not join any tournaments or games with a lot of players & maybe surrender in some. I just wonder if there could be another option to ‘suspend all new games’ for a period to preserve your boot percentage.
Vacations: 2/29/2012 21:17:45

Matma Rex 
Level 12
Smoker, if you have a good reason for this, you could try e-mailing Fizzer at fizzer@warlight.net and asking nicely for an extended vacation. There was a guy some time ago whose Warlight "addiction" would interfere with Navy career, and I think he got an extension :)
Vacations: 2/29/2012 21:31:23

J Russell Mikkelsen 
Level 4
Smoker, what new games are you talking about? You will never be booted for failing to decline tournament and other non-ladder game invites. You will, however, have to leave the ladder during your vacation.
Vacations: 3/1/2012 01:31:38

Level 5
I believe he is talking about joining games two weeks before his vacation which will still be running the moment he goes on that vacation. With a maximum of 10 days, he will be booted on the 11th day.
Vacations: 3/1/2012 01:41:51

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Email Fizzer with such vacation requests. I just disappeared for two weeks and asked him to extend the vacation beyond the 10 days. He had no issue doing so and it had no impact on my games.
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