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Clan: The "G " Spot

Number of members: 20
Tagline: I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true.
Created: 9/23/2013

Bio: The G Spot is a friendly clan who just want to play/have fun without drama.

Members are expected to:
- Be active we have Clan chat (Gcomms game) to aid in scheduling games,tournaments etc. We expect you to be active in discussions. The private forum or PM is available for more in depth topics.
- Play as a team player.
- Play turns in a reasonable time.
- Play fair.
- Have a sense of humor.
- Have only 1 WL account.
- G Clan member tournaments (1 or maybe 2 a year) are required.

Members are expected NOT to:

- Be a drama queen.
- Be vulgar or offensive in language...Even in your username. We are a family oriented clan.
- Quit/Surrender games without majority of team consent.
- Purposely stall a game by not submitting orders OR not surrendering after all your team has surrendered or turned to AI or the game has been hopelessly lost..


The clan currently is LIMITED to 15 members and up to 2 provisional members. (for a total of 17) You can play your way in after being sponsored by another member.

The higher level members can invite a player for a trial period, of up to 30 days. Should a spot on the team become open, games will be required to be played together with several key members; a conference will take place and then, opinions given as to whether the new person should be "in or out". If you make it, you will be notified.

Leaving: If you're generally being an idiot, any member can raise the issue to a high level member, who will then address the issue. Removal is possible if inactive over 10 consecutive days when not on vacation. . A provisional player may be removed at any time.

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The G spot requires only that you stay honorable in your gaming and you carry our (and only our) flag/symbol. You may carry any name you wish otherwise. Failure to display our G flag at all times will result in removal.
~The G's

Clan Member Title
Oilspotter G7
GamerMissy G4
Smoker G3
QuixoteG G7
Leopoldo Fabián San Martín G9
Goddess G8
"G" G
ak77 G3
JudGeDread G6
Random G11
David Leon Smith G9
King Geoffrey the Lewd
KeeperofHoops G6
G2 Semi-tired G1
satrix G2
Gehstock G11
[FCC] Klosh G3
Diamond_Girly23 G10