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Question to all of you players...: 6/4/2018 15:23:57

Level 59
When you're playing against other players, do you tend to look at their profiles?

I always like to see the profiles of players I'm fighting to get a sense of how good they are or maybe learn a bit about them. There is a lot you can see from a player's profile, and some players like to style their pages up with a picture, tagline, a few words, fancy writing, quotes, poems, an introduction, etc. You can view their stats, tournament wins, favorite games, ladder statistics, achievements, etc. Do you like getting to know your opponent a bit more as you fight them? Or does this not interest you at all?
Question to all of you players...: 6/4/2018 15:54:32

Level 62
Used to look at profiles around 2013-15. Stopped now. I only look at profiles if I want to add them as a friend, add to blacklist, PM or for report duties.
Question to all of you players...: 6/4/2018 18:57:40

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Question to all of you players...: 6/4/2018 19:12:37

Level 59
Well, In QM games I do have a quick look at the Profile but all I'm looking for is whether WZ has assigned me to a Pro's Alt, An Average Player or a Noob. And that basically effects how much effort I put into the game.

But for most everything else, not really...
Question to all of you players...: 6/5/2018 00:23:57

Level 60
I check them for any memes. If there's none...I am dissapointed.

Oh and stats.
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