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Dante's Inferno (videogame): 6/1/2018 03:11:08

Level 21

I seriously recommend you look into this game, I'm surprised it's not so popular. I think it has the same "problem" as Cuphead has, where it's so beautiful that it's almost a shame you can't take it all in because you're focusing on your guy and what's coming at him.

The first boss you fight is Death - you cheat him, so to speak; yet the boss fights keep on being awesome, it's not like downhill slope, the story seems to be very good - without giving much away, you are a flawed protagonist who's a reformed villain.

It seems like Dark Souls but if it wasn't so cheap. It seems to be the best game atmospherically set in Hell since Doom 3.

Before you get your hopes up though...they did not release this great game on PC for some reason; just PS3 and X-Bone 360. It's a true shame.
Dante's Inferno (videogame): 6/1/2018 06:31:33

Empire of Kilos
Level 36
I have a model of Dante I bought at a flea market, had no clue who he was for a long time, only bought it because it was cheap and had a cross, and since I was in a Deus Vult mood I got it.
Dante's Inferno (videogame): 6/2/2018 23:13:03

Knights Templar
Level 20
I dislike the video game as it misses the entire point of the Divine Comedy.

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