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Clan: Knights of Nexus

Number of members: 17
Link: http://widespreadruin.wikia.com/wiki/Widespread_Ruin_Wikia
Tagline: We, the gods, do not lead men, but guide them
Created: 3/22/2016

Bio: This clan is based in the fictional world of Nexus, and we roleplay/diplo in medieval/fantasy roles.

There are three factions in this clan (sub-clans, really)-Kyrosía, Saldiria , Kakûr . This is a role-playing clan, so be ready to play our monthly diplo (and get it over and done with in that monthly space of time). The Saldirian faction embodies good, and always starts wars for what they consider to be right. The Kakürians are evil, and always plot and scheme in the background in order to receive power. And Kyrosians act as a buffer, always trying to be diplomatic and keep things balanced. Over all three of these orders are THE THREE (Refer to the 'Mythology' part of the forum). THE THREE are neither good, neutral, nor evil. THE THREE essentially screen everyone entering the clan and decide who joins which faction and when someone gets to level up in their factions' hierarchy (yes, each faction has its own hierarchy).

When recruited, you will be given the rank of 'Peasant' (or some other working-class rank). From there, a faction has to invite you into its ranks and then you have to roleplay well and you'll gradually rank your way up the ladder. Who knows? Even YOU may become a king someday.

YES! Even if you're halfway up the hierarchy of one order and you wish to change alignment you may, it's just that you have to be invited and start from tier one yet again.

Hierarchies (everyone begins at peasant or an equivalent, so it isn't listed in the hierarchy tree):
Kakûr-Thief, Assassin, Necromancer, Disciple of Atoshi (refer to 'Mythology' forum)
Kyrosía-Acolyte, Priest, Archpriest, Prophet
Saldiria-Freeman, Noble, Duke, King

Each rank has duties, they are listed in the forum.

You'll notice there are four tiers in each order. Special fourth tier duties apply, listed in the forum.

There's much MUCH more on the forum, so feel free to check it out!

Welcome to the Clan!


Clan Member Title
Matrix005 Thief of Kakur
The Lone Wolf Assassin of Kakûr
OhNoMyNameWon'tFi Disciple of Atoshi
Numengar Prophet of Kyrosia
Sturmgewehr88 Necromancer of Kakur
lunchboy360 Thief of Kakur
Sauron One of THE THREE
Userlame One of THE THREE
tipsi Priest of Kyrosia
Tomson Acolyte of Kyrosia
Lord Leclair Freeman of Saldiria
Alexander Wile Acolyte of Kyrosia
Paipe Peasant of Saltrama
Knights Templar Duke of Saldiria
DubiousDuckSquad Noble of Saldiria
Heimskr Priest of Talos Thief of Kakur
Yes! One of THE THREE