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New: 7 Strongholds -- Any feedback is appreciated.: 5/23/2018 17:39:00

Level 60
This is my first attempt at a map. Any feedback of any sort is appreciated. If you think it sucks rocks, please let me know.
The map is "circular" -- all edges connect to each other, so each of the strongholds is adjacent to all of the other 6.


Some specific questions (but all feedback is welcome):

  • Do the bonus amounts seem reasonable? I wanted to make the strongholds much more valuable than the surrounding territory. I'm also not sure if the penalty for the walls is a reasonable amount. Should it be more? Less?
  • Should the wall penalties/neutralizing bonuses all be displayed on the map, or does it make the map too busy? Will it be obvious enough if they are not there?
  • How can I improve the bonus colours? Right now, they seem pretty washed out. I want to make them stand out more, but I also want to keep the colour-coding for each stronghold. I want bonuses within a stronghold to be variations on the same colour.
  • I have created distributions where each player starts inside a stronghold, and others where everyone starts outside. Which is a better option for the default? (I'm leaning toward outside, but I'm not really sure.)
  • For distributions where everyone starts outside the strongholds, will it make for better gameplay if they are near each other, or spread out? Or does it differ depending on the number of players? (Maybe near for 2 or 3, but far for more players?)
  • Is it clear enough how the map wraps around? What can I do to make it more clear?
  • How can I make the map more visually appealing? Is it advisable to add "decoration" (extraneous stuff that serves no gameplay purpose), or is it better to keep it simple?
  • Are there any obvious mistakes? Typos, missing connections, etc.
  • What else can I do to make this map better than it is?

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New: 7 Strongholds -- Any feedback is appreciated.: 5/23/2018 18:39:29

Level 60
You ask some good questions, but first off the map looks good, so well done!
Is it clear enough how the map wraps around? What can I do to make it more clear?

Nope. I don't think the map would get approved right now. In fact, despite your description and clicking around on the map I am still somewhat confused. I think your intention of making a 'split' territory (one territory has objects on both side of the map) is good, but in practice it doesn't work well. At best you are inconsistent with the format here, at worst I am not getting it at all.

I would recommend just getting rid of the map-wrapping tbh. But if you want to keep it, it needs to be more intuitive. A left-right wrap and top-bottom wrap is something you could consider doing instead. Compered to all your other questions thru, it's the map's current wrapping that needs to be worked on.

I assume that the codes on the outside are supposed to tell where it wraps, but right now that only seem to work half of the time? As well as those colors not being the same as the bonus colors creates confusion for me.
New: 7 Strongholds -- Any feedback is appreciated.: 5/23/2018 18:50:03

Level 60
Thanks for the feedback. The whole point of this was to make a seven-player map that was completely balanced, which is difficult to do without the wrapping. So I want to keep the wrapping, but I will need to find better ways of indicating it.

If you turn on "army numbers", it might make it a little more clear how the dual territories work. There is basically a layer of territories around the outside that are just clones of the ones on the other side. I did it that way to make it easier to see what is adjacent and attack adjacent territories. You can just click on the clone instead of scrolling to the other side of the map to find the adjacent territory.

The colour of the walls/towers around the outside definitely needs fixing. I'm still working on the bonus colours (as per one of my other questions), so I will fix those to match once I've finalized the colours. If you look at it in Flash mode (I added a link to my original question), the colours seem to match better (although there are some other issues with visual artifacts there...).

Can you elaborate more on what you mean by "inconsistent with the format" of the split territories, and also that the outside colours "only seem to work half the time"? If you can be more specific, maybe I can find a solution that will be more intuitive.

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New: 7 Strongholds -- Any feedback is appreciated.: 5/23/2018 22:57:58

Level 63

Warzone Creator
You can just click on the clone instead of scrolling to the other side of the map to find the adjacent territory.

The rules say that all territories and connections must be clear just by looking at the map (no clicking around). https://www.warzone.com/wiki/Map_requirements
New: 7 Strongholds -- Any feedback is appreciated.: 5/24/2018 01:10:42

Level 60
I didn't look in detail, but it looks nice. ;)
New: 7 Strongholds -- Any feedback is appreciated.: 5/24/2018 14:20:46

Level 60
Huh, why is the flash and unity version different? Anyone else see this? {flash is the one 'messed up'}



Here is an incomplete sketch of what i think could help. https://imgur.com/a/z2bgVjh Litteraly just adding colors helps a lot. (Think about using unique shaped too, if you want color-blind friendliness. Through that is optional, not a requirement)
NOTE: I added a 'black' color code there. It represents no-connection to other places. I think that having a divider territory between where the wrapping goes is helpful, but that is up to you. You could have the 'helper' territory colored in two colors too i would think. As Fizzer said, just looking is the requirement, and I think adding those outside colors around the whole thing would make the map meet that requirement.

While almost the entire map has no army numbers at the end of the map, a few places do not. I think you should rethink that, as that is inconsistent. (Like, the black and blue spot i covered has army numbers., however, nothing around it does.

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New: 7 Strongholds -- Any feedback is appreciated.: 5/25/2018 14:53:45

Level 60
@TBest Thanks again for your feedback. I'm going to rework this and see what I can do to make it more intuitive and understandable. Colouring the territories the way you suggested would be a great visual aid, but unfortunately those are territories that can be captured, so they will end up the colour of whoever captures them. (They are hybrid territories matching the opposite side of the board.)

I do like the colouring idea, though. Maybe I can make the territories that are currently black around the edges coloured instead. That might help significantly with the visualization.

The main reason that there are some numbered territories right at the edge is that I didn't want to split up bonuses. I thought that would get even more confusing. In order to keep the entire bonus on one side of the board, it has to be a little bit asymmetrical.

Thank you to everyone for the feedback. I will rework this map and perhaps bring it back when I feel it is easier to understand.
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