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Drunken days...: 5/13/2018 00:20:10

Fc Bayern 
Level 68
Hey guy's..

Isnt it boring to be drunken at the weekend?

Maybe im just going out with the wrong people. But its kinda annoying to say the same words over and over again. I've drunken like 6-7 drunks this night, but its just mhh..

Im sorry for spelling mistakes. I was never good at speaking/writing english ^^
Drunken days...: 5/13/2018 01:55:09

Level 63
I used to get drunk and take drugs like you when I was around 13 to 20 years old. It is fun, in particular when you are underage because you are doing something you aren't supposed to do but some grow out of it while some don't. I think alcohol and drugs are somewhat pricey for the ''benefits'' they bring. I stopped them because I felt they were a waste of money, a waste of my workouts (alcohol is disastrous to get or maintain an athletic body) and they gave me more bad mood swings than anything good. It is up to you to know what would be your reasons to stop or continue to drink but like anything you decide to stop, it might leave a vacant space in your life that you would need to fill with something else.

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Drunken days...: 5/14/2018 10:23:58

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
Fwahahaha no it's not boring, maybe exhausted. Anyway, everyone knows a friend who doesn't drink yet always goes out. So it's possible not to drink. Nobody should force you to drink ofc. I'd say stop drinking when you start to feel uncomfortable
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