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The Last Alliance Recruiting: 5/10/2018 23:20:18

Level 57
Hi all, we are a big, fun and active clan, we run events pretty frequently and do all kinds of cool stuff


Forum games
Massive team games
Alternate history diplomacies
Training games
Factions (sub-clans)
Faction wars

and much more

If you are interested, pm me and i will invite you
The Last Alliance Recruiting: 5/10/2018 23:28:24

Level 49
My clan is pretty elite, but it's too inactive.
How active are we talking here?

Edited 5/10/2018 23:29:23
The Last Alliance Recruiting: 5/11/2018 00:22:29

Level 57
When i say active, i mean at least one clan game a month and one faction game per month (so 2 clan games per month, one whole clan one subclan) and also we do forum games semi-regularly. We also host some practice tournaments which im doing right now so this month its probably been 4 games so far cos we just finished a subclan tournament


We are going to be doing a little more after i finish some stuff irl

Edited 5/11/2018 00:22:49
The Last Alliance Recruiting: 5/11/2018 00:57:11

Level 59
It depends on what faction you're in tbh. In my, Tolkien-themed faction Union we have at least two diplos a month plus a tournament or two. The Great Empire (Thess's Byzantium-themed faction) doesn't do as much, and there is usually one or two entire clan games/tournaments a month.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4