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Steam thread?: 5/5/2018 15:42:20

Level 49
I haven't been able to play for a loooong time, and I would like to see what some of you guys play. Steam name is optional.

Edit: I guess this is a video game thread now.

Edited 5/6/2018 17:46:06
Steam thread?: 5/5/2018 23:50:36

Cata Cauda
Level 59
Total War and Red Orchestra 2 are my favourite strategy games. I sometimes also play other games like Fallout NV or The Forest. Sometimes when I just want to chill, I waste time in a space simulator named Universe Sandbox 2.
Oh and for those who are interested, there is also a super crappy, buggy, laggy, shitty, SCP multiplayer game.

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Steam thread?: 5/6/2018 02:55:23

Level 55
And it's name is Roblox. Pretty much the ultra-game of everything.
Steam thread?: 5/6/2018 18:04:49

Level 49
TF2, Warthunder, Warlight, Undertale, Pokemon, Halo 4, The Isle, Saurian, Plague Inc., World Conqueror 3 and 4, Lego games on Xbox when bored, Path of Exile, Forza Horizon, Roblox when I feel like it.
I've wanted to buy Ark Survival, HOI4, EU4, Dark souls, Forza Horizon 2, Pokemon HGSS, Pokemon BW2.
Are there any browser games that are like warlight? Any browser game related to territory+conquest risk-type games will do. (ones that are not on well-known game sites like kongregate or the such, as they are 100% likely to be blocked)
Steam thread?: 5/6/2018 20:13:10

│ [20] │MASTER│ Rikku │ I love my wife │ • apex │
Level 61

I only started using the service last year , before I'd mostly just pirate
Steam thread?: 5/6/2018 21:41:12

Level 58
EU4 is da besd
Steam thread?: 5/7/2018 03:50:09

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
Boy if you ain't played Shovel Knight.
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