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Happy Beltane: 5/1/2018 04:02:50

Level 48
'Tis the eve of the first of May. Irish pagans and some observing neopagans celebrate May 1 as Beltane. Other Pagans celebrate May Day, or incorporate the Celtic and Germanic tradition into a single festival. Neopagans have reintroduced the Beltane tradition which largely died out in the 20th century. However the tradition continued to be celebrated every year in a few counties in Ireland, so it is still an unbroken tradition for some Irish.

Beltane/May 1 is the first day of summer in the Celtic and Germanic Pagan tradition.

Beltane festivities include:
the bonfire - the fire represents the ascendance into summer and serves to purge dead earthly ideas. people gather intimately around the fire and even dash through it as it is believed to protect against ill. cattle are driven between bonfires to ensure their survival as they head into summer pastures.

the yellow flowers, branches, and may bushes - decorative flowers, branches, and may bushes are put on windowsills. branches are endowed with ribbons and yellow flowers. people give bouquets.

the crowning of the may queen - a young woman is crowned may queen, possibly around the bonfire. she is endowed with a festive crown which is bejeweled with yellow flowers, ribbons, etc. and lifted into the sky to represent ascendance much like the fire.

More generic May Day festivities include dancing around the maypole and the giving of woven baskets endowed with flowers, ribbons, etc. and stuffed with candy.

don't let this glorious tradition be forgotten
Happy Beltane
Happy Beltane: 5/1/2018 17:07:42

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
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I vote Sai Kurogetsu for may queen!

Happy Beltane!

Edited 5/1/2018 17:07:59
Happy Beltane: 5/1/2018 23:27:06

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Happy Beltane.
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