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iOS bug: 4/23/2018 20:37:38

Level 27
Sorry not sure if bugs belong here but hopefully someone will see it. The gist of this problem is, say you had sent orders to attack a territory, but later you decide not to and you decide not even to deploy any troops there reducing the territory to 0. In the attacking orders, if you want to reduce it back to 0, you have to type in 0 instead of using the scroll bar. This is annoying and slows down the game.

In this example, I (red team) was attacking the 21 territory with 17 troops, but decide to not and I decide not to deploy the 17 there, reducing it to 0. To get rid of the attack, I clicked on it but the only way was to manually typing in 0 which is annoying. I would prefer to scroll it down.

iOS bug: 4/23/2018 20:46:09

Level 60

+1 I agree, scrolling back to 0 for attack/transfer would be better, have been annoyed too. I have gotten to the habit of dragging out the orders list and removing the order from there. However, scrolling is the way I want to do it too.

Edited 4/23/2018 20:49:03
iOS bug: 4/23/2018 21:08:05

Level 62
The proper place to report bugs on the iOS app from a game it to:

    1) Tap the profile icon the in top right
    2) Tap on Help
    3) Tap on Contact
    4) Tap on Report a bug
    5) Describe the bug
    6) Tap on Submit - your device must be connected to the internet for the bug report to be sent

@TBest I assume the generic bug report page doesn't automatically give a log of the game to make debugging easier.

Edited 4/23/2018 21:10:02
iOS bug: 4/23/2018 21:11:38

Level 61

Warzone Creator
This will be fixed in the next update.
iOS bug: 4/24/2018 01:28:16

Level 27
Sweet thanks. Also after the game is over, in the iOS app, it would be cool to be able to zoom in on the graphs of everyone's number of armies. Sometimes the lines really bunch up and I want to see the difference better.
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