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Question about boot/surrender settings (and more): 3/21/2018 18:27:07

[AICA] Sir DJAwesomeness
Level 21
Hey all! It's been a while. I haven't played since the WarLight days. What happened to voteboot? I seem to remember there was a setting where you could make it so that after x amount of time, a player could be booted by vote. I don't see a setting like that on the Boot/Surrender settings menu currently. Also, what happened to time banking? IIRC, There used to be a checkbox where you could enable or disable it, and a slider for how much time could be banked after a given turn. I see the slider for initial banked time, but not the other stuff.

I'd also like to know what else has changed as far as available game settings. Thanks!

Edited 3/21/2018 18:33:15
Question about boot/surrender settings (and more): 3/21/2018 18:41:52

Level 59
Those settings still exist but the Unity client doesn't support them. If you want to use them, you'll have to create the game with Flash (the old Warlight interface can be accessed if you click on your username in the top menu bar and select "Switch to Flash").

For the banked boot settings, I asked Fizzer during one of his streams and he said that he didn't like how banked boot time had initially been implemented so he left it out of the Unity interface with plans to rework it and hopefully put it back in later on. So for now our only option for using banked boot time is creating the games (or templates) in Flash.

As for what else has changed, it depends on how long ago you'd played originally. I think the biggest change of the past couple years has been making the "One Army Stands Guard" setting optional (so now you no longer need 1 army on every territory- you can attack/transfer with all armies you have every turn). You should probably just look at the Blog (https://www.warzone.com/blog/) for any updates between when now and whenever you originally played Warlight.

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