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Ceasar's challenge - a possible strategy.: 3/20/2018 09:44:30

Người Lạ
Level 24
As many warzone fellows, I have been stuck on this map for several days, not knowing what to do despite having consulted every source possible. Then it hit me, no matter how huge the second AI (the one on the right), if I can kill his commander, it's game over. So here's what I do.

- Take out the AI in Scandia.
- Surround and minimize the influence of the AI with the cloning boss.
- Concentrate my force to get through the furthest right of the map and kill the biggest AI's commander. (it's a gamble because I completely ignore the defense once I get through the enemy's territory.)

I want to share the history, but there seems to be no such function. Sorry guys.
Ceasar's challenge - a possible strategy.: 3/20/2018 19:52:09

Roi Joleil
Level 60
this isnt as hard. i beaten it first try tho i was lucky that the boss goes south in the best case scenario even goes to the right side tothe AI (i didnt had that much luck tho the boss was going south giving more time) then i just completly destroyed the AI that had the boss and killed all his income tho didnt killed the boss yet and the just overpowered the right AI. i was rly going for the commander i just had way more income than that AI. I cant rly see a problem in that level tho i am way more experienced than you for example it its for me easy to win these official levels and i made myself way harder scenarios than these (i made multiplayer scenarios) but i may can give a tip or two.

In general the AI only reacts to what is there and not to what could be there meaning if you border the AI with low stacks the AI will only place a few (that doesnt work tho when the AI gets a crap ton more income than you). then when the AI has a stack of lets say 100 in your base or has a boss just surround it with stacks of 3 and attack it at the end of your orders so last order, second last order etc. the AI will NEVER split a stack of 100 into 4 stacks of 25. it will only split into 1 stack of 96 and attack all the other neighboring territories with how many it needs to take it with. aswell as in that level you mentioned you can get england in 4 turns so having in turn 5 22 or 21 (i cant remember) income. and the first AI will not try to keep his commander safe so will not place anything there (except you border that commander with a stack of 20 already) and attack it then with 15. i managed to get england in 4 turns and kill the first commander in 8 turns.
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