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Fallout Diplo Interest: 3/19/2018 11:17:43

Level 47
I'm looking for players who have played any of the Fallout games, New Vegas in particular. I've already finished the scenario for it, I just want to see if there will be people with knowledge of the Fallout lore willing to take slots like the NCR or Caesar's Legion.
Fallout Diplo Interest: 3/20/2018 07:08:30

Cata Cauda
Level 59
Just picked up New Vegas, and am level 14 already. Not sure if I have enough knowledge aquired yet.
Fallout Diplo Interest: 4/15/2018 20:28:28

Sam Irons
Level 57
This certainly interests me. Could I have a look at the scenario please?
Fallout Diplo Interest: 4/15/2018 21:03:45

Level 55
im interested
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