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Thailand maps series Idea: Ask for help: 3/14/2018 20:54:08

Level 53
Hello W'lads, I want to create Giant Thailand map with about 7.2k+ territories

According to Wikipedia, Thailand has 77 provinces ( including Bangkok), 878 Districts (Amphoes), 7255 Subdistricts (Tambons) and 74965 villages(Mubans) !!!!!
(Note that Thailand keeps divides its regions for several years now, and that sources' numbers are conflicted)

In the past I attempted learning mapping using Inkscape thanks to NinjaNic (kudos him!)
My first project was Bangkok Medium (with 50 Khets and 180 Khwaengs). The process went well for about 60% then the files are lost.(*cries*)

I am a geography nerd and I love cartography so much, If possible I want to create maps with every provinces in a big size and a big 7.2k one.
But, seriously, I don't like how inefficient inkscape ( or maybe my poor knowledge) is when it comes to drawing lines ( The nodes are very annoying!)
I don't think I can use this app forever creating nearly 80 maps in the years to come. I wish there was a better software or techniques or tools which I can draw and design my map as easy as drawing maps on paper!
1.Do you know any tools, techniques or programs which are better than Inkscape?
2.Any suggestion on my another attempts?(apart from keeping files safe XD)
3.What is your experience on map creation?
4.What is wrong with warlight and how can I fix them?
-no searching maps by name
-other small issues (slow loading etc)
Thx for help!
Thailand maps series Idea: Ask for help: 3/14/2018 22:43:49

Level 49
pls do bonus-territory world map instead
There are barely any *quality* ones
Thailand maps series Idea: Ask for help: 3/15/2018 06:46:29

Level 55
why, there are too many world maps out right now
Thailand maps series Idea: Ask for help: 3/15/2018 14:48:49

Level 58
first, you can not make a map with 7.2 k the game is not going to admit, maximum 3.2 k, it is also a lot of work that you will probably never finish it
regarding ideas on the map, you could create a strategic point in the peninsula of malaca, you can increase the bonus in tourist areas, with respect to bankok you can make a bonus like the map of australia, 1.6 k, it is very good and stylish
Regarding inkscape you should ask another, because I have not done a map for a long time
Ninjanic can give you good advice, or Abraxis, who is developing a 2.4k map
Thailand maps series Idea: Ask for help: 3/16/2018 04:09:23

Level 48

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